“Your local power”, the theme of Belgian Pride and the 2018 Pride Festival


From 3 to 20 May

Within Belgian Pride 2018, the Belgian Pride Festival, which will be held from 3 to 20 May, will this year address the theme “Your local power”. A wide range of activities, evenings, workshops, guided tours and events on this subject will be on offer during these two weeks.

Like every year, the various PRIDE FESTIVAL events will take place in the month of May. It is a key moment in the life of the LGBTI+ communities in Brussels. That’s because, apart from being a festive event, Belgian Pride is the ideal time for putting forward the community’s appeals and suggesting new lines of political thought.

The theme chosen for this year is “Your local power”. The chance for the three main Belgian LGBTI+ associations – RainbowHouse Brussels, Arc-en-ciel Wallonie et çavaria – to call out their future elected representatives on questions of respect for diversity in everyday life, as the communal elections approach.

People’s lives are lived first and foremost in their street, district, municipality or city, where they live or through which they pass. Local politics therefore have a huge impact on the daily life of every citizen, including that of these LGBTI+ residents. This is why in 2018, Belgian Pride is putting municipalities and cities under the rainbow banner.

On Friday 18 May, it will be the Rainbow Village’s turn to kick off the Belgian Pride weekend’s festivities. The bars in Saint-Jean district will host DJ sets and other performances put on for the occasion. On Saturday 19 May, the unmissable Belgian Pride procession, the grand finale of the festival fortnight, will fill the centre of the capital with life.

Here is an overview of the activities offered by the Pride Festival…




Benoit Geets

Dates: 04/05 > 03/07

Opening: 04/05 – 8 pm

Venue: RainbowHouse Brussels

More information: www.rainbowhouse.be


“Pandora’s Box” LGBTQI+ violence, resistance and appropriation

Collectif Mixture: François Harray, Michèle Barley, Nathalie Gassel, Michel Elias,

Tamina Beausoleil

Dates: 03/05 > 30/06

Venue: ULB-VUB Museum of Contemporary Art – ALLENDE Room

Opening: 03/05 – 6 pm

More information: www.rainbowhouse.be/fr/evenement/la-boite-de-pandore/


“Let’s get HIV out of the closet!”-

Dates: 06/05 and 17/05

Venues: “Out! Village” at the Iris Festival (06/05) and “Ihsane Jarfi Day” (17/05)

More information: www.rainbowhouse.be/fr/evenement/sortons-le-vih-du-placard/




Film debate in collaboration with the association Activ’Elles

Date: 03 May

Venue: Schaerbeek House of Women

More information:www.rainbowhouse.be/fr/evenement/cinedames-carol/



LGBTI+ films and documentaries

Date: 03>05 May

Venue: Bronks

More information: www.massimadi-bxl.be


Ciné-club Pride

Dates: 03/05 >20/05

Venue: Jacques Franck Cultural Centre

More information: www.facebook.com/events/556826621377149/


“Speak Easy with Frej Haar”

Open, queer and multilingual scene

Date: 03/05 – 8 pm

Venue: Pianofabriek

More information: www.rainbowhouse.be/fr/evenement/speak-easy-with-frej-haar/


“King Kong Theory”

Stage adaptation of the book by Virginie Despentes

Date: 07/05 – 8.30 pm

Venue: Théâtre des Riches Claires [Theatre of the Rich Clares]

More information: www.lesrichesclaires.be/evenement/king-kong-theorie/


The Sassy Cabaret: Pride edition

Sassy and elegant variety show

Date: 17/05 – 8.30 pm

Venue: Jacques Franck Cultural Centre

More information: www.rainbowhouse.be/fr/evenement/the-sassy-cabaret-prideedition/


“Melting Pot” performance

Ritual and improvised group dance

Date: 19/05 – 11 pm

Venue: Zodiac (Los Niños party)

More information: www.pride.be/event/melting-pot-los-ninos-party/



Speed debating: Your local power!

Meeting between politicians and activists on local topics

Date: 14/05 – 5-10 pm

Venue: RainbowHouse Brussels

More information: www.pride.be/event/speed-debating-think-global-act-local/


“Fatlesque” with Rubyyy Jones

Date: 16/05 – 6-8 pm

Venue: RainbowHouse Brussels

More information: www.rainbowhouse.be/fr/evenement/fatlesque-rubyyy-jones/


“Echos Tango” with Edith & Marcelle

Mixed beginners queer tango course for LGBTI+

Date: 16/05 – 8.30-10.30 pm

Venue: RainbowHouse Brussels

More information: www.rainbowhouse.be/fr/evenement/echos-tango-edithmarcelle/



Colonial oppression and sexual emancipation

Meeting with Abdella Taïa


Date: 08/05

Venue: Royal Museums of Fine Arts

More information: www.rainbowhouse.be/fr/evenement/oppression-coloniale-etemancipation



Out and Home: Cross-dress codes

Meeting with artists? Sara Selma Dolorès, Gurshad Shaheman, Mademoiselle Boop

Performances: “Benediction” collective

Date: 12/05

Venue: La Bellone

More information: www.rainbowhouse.be/fr/out&home

Rainbow Tours of Brussels

From unusual anecdotes to the noteworthy events in LGBTQI history, Marian Lens,

sociologist, will introduce you to cosmopolitan Brussels in its rainbow colours.

Dates: 6-11-13-16-18/05

Departure point: Grand-Place and RainbowHouse

More information: www.facebook.com/rainbowtours



Ihsane Jarfi Day

A commemorative event to combat discrimination based on gender identity, sexual

orientation, and ethnic, cultural and religious origin.

Date: 17/05 – 5-10 pm

Venue: Place de la Monnaie

More information: https://www.pride.be/event/journee-ihsane-jarfi-dag/


More information at www.rainbowhouse.be and www.pride.be



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