Yokohama’s Versatile Tourism Spots



First let’s visit the Yamashita area, which has represented Yokohama since long ago. Here you’ll find the world’s largest Chinatown, consisting of more than 500 Chinese restaurants and stores, and the scenery of the western museum where a diplomat lived at the time of the port’s first opening some 150 years ago. Both are popular spots for Japanese visitors. Yamashita Park overlooks the beautiful port and is a must-shoot location for photographers. Dotting the landscape are restaurants where you can enjoy gourmet Japanese, Chinese, and American cuisine, among others, all of which are loved by the local residents.

The next stop is Minato Mirai, where the convention center is located. In recent years the urban development of the city has progressed, and in this area there are now four large shopping malls, three five-star hotels, and three amusement facilities. With this concentration of attractions, Minato Mirai has become known as Yokohama’s new tourism spot. The whole area is barrier-free, allowing people with wheelchairs and strollers to enjoy the scenery without stress. The shopping malls are directly connected to the convention center, allowing easy access for attendees without the need for cars and trains.

The third hot spot is a shopping area located near Yokohama Station. More than two million passengers use Yokohama Station each day, making it the fifth busiest not only in Japan but in the world. Both inside and around the station are department stores, underground shopping centers, large electronic stores, and restaurants. When the sun sets and the evening rush subsides, the area transforms into a bubbling nightspot as bars and lounges open their doors. Many restaurants are open till midnight and, since the city is known for its safety, foreign tourists enjoy taking in Yokohama after dark.

Our final stop is the north area of Yokohama filled with nature. Home to a large shopping facility and Japan’s largest zoo and farm, this area shows you a different face of Yokohama. Away from the bustle of Yokohama Station is Zoorasia, where you can observe animals—including some very rare ones—in a natural, wild environment. Also, the many natural parks in the area have been used for field work in biological research, giving you a chance to enjoy the liveliness of the organisms.

As you can see, Yokohama has many tourism spots and amazing diversity. There are so many different ways to enjoy your visit! Seasonal events also connect you with the unique flavor of the city throughout the year, so there is always something new. With so many attractions, convenient access to all areas, and premiere event facilities, Yokohama is the perfect venue for your next convention. We hope you will visit and enjoy our bayside city!


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