www.school.brussels a assembles the teaching qualities of Brussels’ attractions and museums


To facilitate teachers’ class excursions for educational purposes, visit.brussels has posted a tool that lists the different educational and recreational activities of museums and other attractions in Brussels. A real source of inspiration for teachers.

In Brussels, museums and the city’s attractions are full of original educational activities for students, from kindergarten to secondary school. In order to help teachers choose, visit.brussels has developed a tool that brings together all the educational possibilities of several key places that are part of Brussels’ cultural patrimony. Any teacher in search of an activity to organise in the context of his or her curriculum can find what they are looking for in a few clicks.


A website

On the site: www.school.brussels , teachers easily will be able to search with the aid of filters and find the ideal excursion as a function of their pupils’ age, the theme and the objective they want to attain. From history to the sciences, not to mention art, the activities on offer will satisfy students as well as their teachers.


A brochure

In addition, a brochure has been created to provide an overview of the different museums and attractions that offer an educational component. visit.brussels already has distributed this brochure to many schools in the country, where it has been very well received as an aid to programme planning.

This new tool offers a wealth of information and inspiration for teachers.

‘I am delighted about the launching of this new tool for our teachers. It gives them a helping hand, making their research easier, and at the same time whets the curiosity of our Young ones. I’m sure you will enjoy browsing this new tool and we hope you have a lot of fun discovering our beautiful region with your pupils!’ Rudi Vervoort, Minister-President of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region.

«Brussels is an incredible place. Especially for schools. Brussels is a laboratory where almost anything can be explored. Whether you go to school in Brussels or elsewhere, the available museum visits, tours and recreational possibilities for students are truly exceptional. Hence the initiative to bring all this information together for both teachers and students deserves encouragement.” Minister Guy Vanhengel.

Schools wishing to obtain the brochures may request them via ecoles@visit.brussels

More information available at www.school.brussels


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