What do Planners Look For in a Destination?


«A destinations offers a unique skill set»



 At the IMEX Politicians Forum, Paul Van Deventer, president and CEO of MPI, was asked, «What are meeting planners and organizers looking for in a destination?» The answer, he told International Meetings Review, is that planners seek to maximize value for budget, maximize participation at the event and find something unique in the destination that will make for a memorable experience.

Choosing a destination, he continued, comes down to three «core factors»: Accessibility, infrastructure (including meeting space, technology and hotel space) and the unique qualities of the destination. «Is there a cultural attribute? Is there a uniqueness about a facility that they can leverage in the actual event?»


During the Politicians Forum, Matthias Schultze, MD of the German Convention Bureau, noted that Germany cannot compete with Brazil for beaches, but can focus on its own strengths to bring in business. Van Deventer agreed: «A destinations offers a unique skill set or is known for a certain type of industry, that can actually play into driving attendance.»



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