«Vertical Field» returns nature to the city


Urban Agriculture

The system turns environmental pollution into food for vegetation roots thus creating a WIN-WIN situation.

Our goal at VF is to restore nature back into the urban areas where unused empty and gray vertical walls will become green without taking away valuable space. Vertical Field’s system will reintegrate flora into our living spaces with advanced technology, which is smart, simple and affordable.

Our system is based on a unique solution combining soil, which is the basis of flora and fauna, with unique technologies that opens up new possibilities which haven’t been used in landscape and vertical agriculture in the past.

The company –chosen out of 100 leading Israeli agriculture related companies– recently represented the State of Israel at the 2015 Milano EXPO under the “Fields of Tomorrow” concept.

As part of the Israeli Pavilion the company built the largest vertical field ever built globally harvested Vertical Wheat, Corn and Rice among other crops. All in all, VF is aiming to build a new concept of Vertical urban agriculture combined with vertical urban landscaping.

‘Vertical Field’ builds most of its projects inside urban areas and in population centers, which is why our system is eco-friendly, water-saving and does not use chemicals harmful to the environment and water system. Vertical Field’s system is affordable and easy to operate and maintain, compared with the competition’s high prices and difficult maintenance.

The ‘Vertical Field’ system is easily customized and can be adjusted to different climates, from desert to snowy areas, offering a wide range of solutions. Therefore, it is suited to the needs of most countries. Bringing nature back to the cities together with other beneficial natural insects, like butterflies, creates healthier plant-life and a healthy environment for people, both indoors and outdoors.

For example, urban cultivation creates chemical-free food, air-purification, healthier office or residential buildings, and reinforcement of the immune system.

For people in the area against diseases and harmful bacteria. All of the examples above are a natural byproduct of VF’s system.

‘Vertical Field’ is one of the only companies worldwide that specializes in the fields of vertical landscaping and agriculture. This gives us a major advantage, since the products VF develops are focused exclusively on these fields to ensure accurate and sustained solutions.

Irrigation -One of the main issues with vertical agriculture and landscaping is uneven watering, which creates places with excess water, especially in the lower parts, or places which suffers from water shortages. These low and high water concentration spots creates a non-balanced vertical wall and lack of uniformity of the plants. Not only does this affect the design and visual outcome but also creates favorable conditions for diseases and insects.

Organic Fertilization -VF has a unique formula for organic fertilization who speeds up the cultivation stage and root development. This product is an in-house brand solution developed by a business associate.

Beneficial Bacteria -VF is the only company worldwide who uses probiotic bacteria, with similar benefits of the probiotic bacteria we consume as food supplements, to create a better environment for vegetation and for mankind

The VF Active Wall -As a part of product development, VF has developed the Dynamic and Active Wall, as opposed to other companies’ walls which are passive and are inefficient to a Broader environment. The Active Wall works in a proactive manner and spreads purified air enriched with oxygen; it contains natural compounds and beneficial bacteria in the vicinity of its deployment. The system turns environmental pollution into food for vegetation roots thus creating a WIN-WIN situation.





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