Top Five Reasons to Bring the MICE Industry to Universities



IMR Blogger Stephanie Selesnick shares a recent learning experience she had at the University of Nevada…where she was speaking to students.


This week, I was honored to speak at UNLV (University of Nevada at Las Vegas) to an undergraduate and a graduate class. This was not the first time I’ve been a guest lecturer at the University and once again, sharing knowledge about our (mostly unknown) world was a great experience.

But the session got me thinking – why aren’t  more colleges and universities offering classes or majors in exhibitions, meetings and events? And just as importantly, how can we change this lack of educational opportunities for the next generation of MICE professionals?


The answer, in short, is by getting involved. Personally. By calling up local schools and lobbying professors and deans in marketing, business or hospitality departments to include our industry in their curriculums. By offering to guest lecture and teach about our industry and its value to business. All types of businesses.


So with that, here are my top five reasons to get personally involved helping put exhibitions, events and meetings into colleges and universities:

  1. Most people still have no idea what a trade show is.
  2. We need new, educated fresh blood. Think new generations.
  3. It’s fun to talk to the students.
  4. We need our industry to stay part of the marketing mix.
  5. Job security.

Let me know how your efforts go.



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