Top Challenges Business Travelers Face on the Road


“Creating a Frictionless Travel Experience – North America”

Time spent in transit is the most challenging aspect of business travel, according to a new report released today by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Foundation. Layovers, changing a flight or train reservation mid-trip, the work environment while traveling and preparing expense reports also made the list of the most challenging aspects for North American business travelers.

The study, “Creating a Frictionless Travel Experience – North America,” was conducted by the GBTA Foundation in partnership with Sabre Corporation, and it identifies the main challenges business travelers face during their travel experience while also looking to understand what organizations are doing to make this experience a better one for their travelers.

Looking over the results, the GBTA realized that many of the top challenges on the list had something in common- they were time consuming. This made it clear that business travelers are concerned with wasting time and having an efficient work environment.

“It is no secret that business travel drives business growth and face-to-face interactions help get business done,” said Michael W. McCormick, GBTA executive director and COO, in a written release. “Ultimately those who travel want to save time when possible, be productive and have a pleasant experience while accomplishing their business goals. A better understanding of the challenges business travelers face can help organizations better serve their road warriors as they work to provide the right tools, resources and policies.”

The GBTA conducted the study because other reports have indicated that business travel can have a considerable impact on employee satisfaction and retention. Studies show 79 percent of business travelers say their business travel experience impacts their overall job satisfaction at least somewhat, a sentiment that is even more common among Millennials (88 percent).


Source: International Meetings review

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