Thirty publishing houses and an International Pavilion will transport visitors to a comic book world


Ninth Art Festival


From 1st through 3 September 2017, Brussels will be in full ninth art festival mode. Once again this year, many publishing houses will be in attendance bringing their fair share of surprises. And just to make the festival even better, an international pavilion is also setting up shop at the Brussels Comic Strip Festival. It’s the cherry on top of a 2017 schedule that was already bursting with new things.

Each year the Brussels Comic Strip Festival brings together many big names from the comics industry. This year it will be impossible to miss this essential ninth art gathering. From musical performances to film screenings and a drawing concert, comics lovers of all ages will be able to literally explore the world of the ninth art’s major players.


Publishing Houses

In addition to meeting the Brussels Comic Strip Festival’s most loyal publishers, visitors can also count on the presence of new publishers making their Brussels «debut»: Rue de Sèvres, Futuropolis, Fluide Glacial, La Revue Dessinée, Sarbacane, Pinceel Distributie, and Stripgids. The Brussels Comic Strip Festival will also have the pleasure of hosting ten independent publishers who are the pride of our capital, especially with the Requins Marteaux Publishing (A Méroll World) exhibition, which will be on display at BOZAR.

And that’s not all. Where there are publishers, there are sure to be authors and autographs. Visitors will have their pick of activities and events of all kinds. Here’s a sneak peek.

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This year the Brussels Comic Strip Festival celebrates 60 years of Gaston Lagaffe! The Spirou Festival and the Brussels Comic Strip Festival are holding a number of events in his honour. About forty authors accepted the invitation and a large area will be devoted to activities for very young children: face-painting, colouring on digital tables, photocall, quiz, activities and Gaston challenges.  From an exhibition to a musical performance as well as several brand new conferences, it will be impossible to miss this perennial blunderer.



year Dargaud is offering a programme for the whole family! Author autograph sessions, painting and drawing workshop, daily contests, photo shoots with many heroes and so much more…

On the schedule:

  • Exquisite corpse: Watch Zidrou and his Spanish illustrators express their abundant imagination:
  • Drawing concert: «Loup, looking for memories»

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After a stately celebration of their 70th anniversary at the 2016 running of the Brussels Comic Strip Festival, Le Lombard is back in force and this time will celebrate the 40th anniversary of their iconic character: Thorgal! However, they won’t fail to pay homage to their famous dunce, Ducobu.

On the schedule:

  • Fancy Fair
  • Scavenger hunt – The Dizhhi Quest
  • Thorgal in the flesh at the Brussels Comic Strip Festival!
  • Thorgal Exhibition
  • Live drawing:
  • Rosinski film carte blanche


Casterman Publishing makes the most of the Brussels Comic Strip Festival to offer you exclusive programming.

On the schedule:

  • Screenings

o          Screening of the film «A Brilliant Sky»

o          Screening of Polina with its director in attendance

o          Screening of the animated series Lastman at the Casterman booth throughout the Brussels Comic Strip Festival

  • Exhibition honouring Jiro Taniguchi, at the Casterman booth (PARC, Booth C12)
  • Encounter: Pandora, with Benoit Mouchart, Max de Radiguès, and Hugo Piette

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Casenove and William will give visitors an exclusive peek at a few episodes of Sisters, the animated series based on their cult comic strip. For its part, the Cinematek will offer a screening of Marcel Pagnol’s Heartbeat (1938) accompanied by the comic’s authors, Efix and S. Scotto. There will also be a petanque competition right in the middle of Parc de Bruxelles.


Fluide Glacial

Fluide Glacial turns up in Brussels for the first time! The Umour and Bandessinées Journal  created in 1975 by Gotlib will also have its smart Alec part to play. By specifically offering to teach curiosity-seekers thanks to the very serious Gag Conference, by and about James and Bernstein.

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Zep will be at the Brussels Comic Strip Festival! He will present – and autograph – the 15th Titeuf album at an exclusive event. Titeuf’s return will be the subject of an exhibition specially designed for the event at Bozar (BOZAR, Booth F18).

Another author from the Grenoble company will also be in the spotlight: Jean-David Morvan. This year, he will have his own booth at which he will most notably present the IRENA, MAO ZEDONG, RAVAGES, and SPY GAMES series with his illustrators.


International Pavilion

Although Belgium is particularly proud of its comics heritage, a number of other countries also have quite a few successful comics to their credit. Among them, 19 foreign cultural delegations will set up shop in the International Pavilion to share their works and enjoy a special interactive time. Exhibitions, autographs, conferences, workshops… will take you on a journey through the ninth art realm! Here’s a sneak peek.

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Brazil (Brazilian Embassy in Brussels)

Brazil is represented by two of its flagship authors, Adão Iturrusgarai and Cynthia Bonacossa. Both editorial cartoonists and authors of several comic strips, they offer autographs and discussions about the ninth art and Brazil as well as drawing shows.


Havana and Algiers (Maison Autrique)

To mark the release of its new publication, Kronikas, Maison Autrique presents an exhibition, a conference, and autograph sessions with Brussels, Algerian, and Cuban authors. An imaginary inventory of each city’s heritage that is near and dear to the authors who live in these capitals.


Czech Republic (Czech Centre in Brussels)

The Brussels Czech Centre invites you to explore the best of Czech comics. Lucie Lomová autographs her books in French for adults and runs a workshop for children. Štěpánka Jislová offers a conference on how to approach the role of women in comics.


South Korea (Korean Cultural Centre of Brussels)

Five Korean authors display their work: KIM junggi, CHOI Gyusuk, SOO Shinji, RYU Seunghee, and HAN Hyeyeon. The authors will do drawing shows, and a photo area is even planned to make sure the moment lasts a lifetime.

The EUNIC Countries: Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Basque Country, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Turkey

The members of the European National Institutes for Culture invite you to explore their countries’ comics heritage. In addition to a reading nook, drawing shows and autograph sessions, each country offers workshops and conferences. Additional information at the booth or on the website.

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Italy (Lucca Comics & Games by Lucca Crea SRL & the Italian Institute of Culture)

Lucca Comics & Games returns to the Brussels Comic Strip Festival to introduce three talented Italian artists including Mirka Andolfo and Riccardo Pieruccini during autograph sessions and drawing shows.


Tunisia (Lab619 Collective) FR

Lab619 is an independent Tunisian collective for experimental Tunisian comics that produces a one-of-a-kind magazine in Tunisia. Come and get acquainted with the magazine and its spin-off products while enjoying the conferences and autograph sessions put on by the collective.


Hong Kong (Hong Kong Art Centre) EN

Why just read comics? Why not play them? That’s what «PLAY!» Hong Kong Comics Touring Exhibition» proposes, a travelling exhibition that highlights the history and evolution of local comics from 1960 to the present day. Exchanges, sales, drawing shows, and autographs are also scheduled.


Egypt (TokTok Mag) 

It was against a backdrop of social unrest that the first issue of TokTok Magazine came out in January 2011. The quarterly magazine reflects the tragic and comic elements of daily life in Egypt. Three founding artists will be on hand for a discussion and autograph session.


Democratic Republic of the Congo (Congolese Comic Strip Centre)

The CCBD’s mission is to produce and promote the Congolese comics of yesterday and today. Authors, independent artists, publishers, journalists, and cultural players will gather there. At the Brussels Comic Strip Festival, the CCBD will offer an exhibition and autograph sessions for albums on sale.

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«Re-Animate Europe» – International Comic Competition 2017

How to re-animate Europe? This is the question several artists will try to address through the exhibition. Come and explore the work of 75 artists from all over Europe. The winner of the competition that is the source of this exhibition will be pleased to autograph his or her work for you.

A discussion area will be set up for the first time inside the International Pavilion. The Brazilian Embassy, EUNIC, LAB619 Collective, Maison Autrique, and TokTok Mag will make use of this more intimate space to offer various activities and discussions.

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