The public is voting for the groups that will be on stage at the Iris Festival


7 and 8 May

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The Iris Festival, which will celebrate the 27th anniversary of the Brussels-Capital Region, will be held on 7 and 8 May. In the meantime, the programme is getting better by the day. There is still time for the public to vote for their favourite Brussels’ artists or groups and maybe even see them performing on stage on Sunday in the Place des Palais. Votes can be entered for the «be on stage, be .brussels» online contest until 17 April at

On 7 and 8 of May, the whole city of Brussels will be celebrating the anniversary of the Capital Region of Brussels. The Iris Festival is THE opportunity to show off Brussels’ boiling cultural diversity on the big day… and at the same time showcase the new talent Brussels has to offer. Promoting young musicians from Brussels was after all the main idea when the « be on stage, » competition was launched last year.

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This year the competition has been a major success: more than 50 eclectic musical groups registered in the hope to be selected to perform on stage on the 8th of May at the Place des Palais.


The different stages of the “be on stage,” contest

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Members of the public are invited to nominate their favourites out of the 20 selected candidates. At the same time, a jury of five professional musicians will rank the groups by order of preference.

The public votes and jury score will then be added together to find the three winning groups that will play live at the Place des Palais alongside the headliners on Sunday 8 May.

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Along with the privilege of playing on a stage of choice between the Royal Palace and the Parc de Bruxelles, the three winners will also receive a financial reward as a small extra “boost” to their musical careers.

Further information about the contest and how to enter:

Further information on the Iris Festival:

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