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Israel is known as the “Start-Up Nation”, advanced in everything regarding technology, innovation and hi-tech. However, the Israeli non-profit sector has been left behind. Crowdfunding platform Jgive is holding an innovative conference for non-profits that will provide them with practical tools alongside considering methods for marketing, advertising and streamlining in the digital age.

Non-profit crowd funding platform Jgive is presenting its yearly conference in Jerusalem on the topic of “New Marketing for the Third Sector”. More than 250 participants from 150 organizations will be take part in the conference including CEOs, fundraisers, and marketers.

Jgive is an advanced platform that operates as a start-up in every way.

Its employs five developers who work around the clock to operate and develop a system that serves more than 500 organizations and tens of thousands of donors.

Its cutting edge technology provides donors and non-profits a complete infrastructure that allows for credit processing and clearing, digital receipts, a system that makes receiving tax deductions easy, transparency indices for each non-profit and more.

Because Jgive is a socially oriented start-up, it goes beyond providing the most advanced fundraising and crowd funding platform for Israeli non-profits. At its yearly conference, it will work to provide practical tools along with developing methods for marketing, advertising and streamlining in the digital age.

At the conference, we will discuss topics such as how to make your organizations work into an “item”, Google grants and G-suite, storytelling and social networking, how to build and manage a successful crowdfunding campaign and paid promotions on Facebook.

Taking part in the conference will be some of the best speakers in Israel, among them journalist Sivan Rahav Meir, Ori Ben-Shlomo, founder and CEO of Jgive, Google analyst Allon Korem, Rami Roshkovitz, Founder of Grey Content, Adler Chomski and Shimrit Hedberg business mangers on Goggle’s cloud platform.

Ori Ben-Shlomo Founder and CEO of Jgive: «Today, we are experiencing a flood of advertising from all sides and the challenge to reach potential donors is increasing. On the other hand, the expanding social arena is opening up a new world of possibilities and the toolkit for campaign optimization is growing every day.

«At the conference, we will provide organizations with the incredibly important material that will help them reach the masses, while maintaining a personal touch. We will demonstrate how to adapt to an advertising environment that is constantly changing and how to adopt a new kind of thinking – “new marketing”. As a philanthropic social project that seeks to change the world of giving in Israel and to Israel, we feel that this is our duty. »

The conference will be held on Wednesday, the 19th of July at the International Convention Center- ICC Jerusalem, starting at 9:30



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