The Mice Team of the Grand Hotel Principe of Piemonte Gets Completed


With Davide Rotondo and Daniele Arcangeli

«Il Piccolo Principe»

These new staff people add prestige to banqueting, which is one of the plus points of the facility (one of the hotel’s restaurants, «Il Piccolo Principe», has two Michelin stars and is very much appreciated by business customers). The Mice team has been coordinated for ten years by Franca Bianchi.

Viareggio (Versilia–Tuscany).– The Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte of Viareggio, renowned venue for corporate events thanks to both the wide disposability of fully equipped conference rooms and the incomparable Versilian atmosphere, has a new maitre: Davide Rotondo.

Davide Rotondo

Aged 42, born in Carrara (MS), he has a wide experience in the food & beverage of some of the major hotels in Versilia as well as of the rest of Italy and Europe: he has worked for facilities of the eastern Ligurian Riviera, of Lucca’s hinterland and of both Lake Como and London.

He is joined by another new entry: Daniele Arcangeli, outlet manager of Il Piccolo Principe, the famous restaurant that, under the leadership of chef Giuseppe Mancino, has reached the double Michelin star. Daniele is one of the most appreciated Italian sommeliers, with extensive experience between Italy, Switzerland and the UK, winner of the Best Sommelier of Italy competition, organized by Aspi (the association of Italian professional Sommellerie) in 2015.

Daniele Arcangeli 

These two high-level professionals complete a high profile staff for three years coordinated – as far as meetings and events are concerned – by Franca Bianchi, since 2007 Assistant Director of the Grand Hotel, responsible for the coordination of business management and local corporate contracts, direct contact for all new requests and for the management of in-house events.

Franca Bianchi

The high standards of hospitality are guaranteed – and front and back office as well as problem solving are managed – by room division manager Beatrice Pieraccini, who joined the Grand Hotel staff in June 2016 after working since 1993 in reception and administration departments of numerous chain hotels, both in Viareggio and in Milan.

Beatrice Pieraccini




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