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Kuala Lumpur.– The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (the Centre) has been utilising all of its 11 years of experience and creativity to craft customised event solutions in order to help Exhibition Organisers get more value from their event budgets. In particular, the Centre’s Exhibition team has been particularly innovative and flexible in adapting its solutions to the changing environment.

The Centre’s General Manager, Alan Pryor explains, “We have adopted a partnership approach that strengthens our client retention and future client collaboration. Our Exhibition team sits down with each client to discuss and analyse their event. Then, based on our extensive experience and venue capabilities, we provide in-depth, strategic feedback on the event logistics, operational support and programme content. By doing so we help the Event Organiser to maximise floor space, reduce build up and breakdown time and apply a flexible mind-set to drive cost containment without negatively impacting the content of the event.”

“Some venues simply want to sell as much space to their clients as they can, but we have found that adopting a customised, partnership approach that results in a successful event, is much more productive as it generates win-wins for everyone involved and more recurring business.” Pryor continued.

Part of this ‘customised’ approach has been a willingness by the Centre to use its floor space unconventionally – providing event organisers with additional options and different experiences for their guests. An example of this was the recent ARCHIDEX’16 exhibition held in July 2016. In collaboration with the client, the Centre’s team successfully transformed the concourse parking area into a new exhibition space hosting 65 booths complete with air conditioning and utility services – providing a fresh space for visitors to this recurrent exhibition to enjoy.



Pryor elaborated, “When it comes to Exhibitions, turnaround is a major factor in the overall cost of an event. Fortunately, we benefit from the fact that we are a purpose-built venue, which provides us with many inbuilt advantages, such as a full truss system and underground trunking for utility services. We have also developed highly detailed traffic management and loading/unloading schedules based on international best practices, which ensure that the build-up and breakdown of events run extremely smoothly. These features can cut days off the event and help save our clients’ money, enabling them to focus on the content!”

“Our location in the KLCC precinct, at the iconic heart of Kuala Lumpur, provides a fantastic advantage for Exhibition Organisers due to the superb travel connectivity and the sheer number of people visiting, living and working in the area, all of whom are potential event guests and literally on our doorstep. Managing convention centre in a built up commercial area can be challenging, but we have invested heavily in developing and retaining a dedicated team that understand these issues and ensure that the event logistics run like clockwork,” Pryor concluded.

The Centre’s willingness to provide tailor-made solutions and apply an adaptable mindset gives event planners the opportunity to enhance the experience of their participants and to use the Centre’s business philosophy to enhance the delivery and outcomes of their events.

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