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The eighth edition of Magie d’Inverno, the now classic event impeccably organized every two years by Rosas 1945 jewelry store, will be held from Friday 4 to Sunday, November 6, in close collaboration with the most prestigious brands of the world of luxury: Cartier, IWC, Longines, Montblanc, Hamilton, Gucci, Locman, Armani, Michael Kors and Breil for the big world of watchmaking, as well as Pomellato, DoDo, Salvini, Mikimoto, Mimi, Pandora, Quaglia, Miluna and Chimento for the jewelry.

Great news since two editions, as a result of the involvement of Casa Rosas concept store, the presence of major brands of decorative, furniture and big kitchenmaking as Venini, Villeroy & Boch, Richard Ginori, Alessi, Lagostina, Rosenthal, Wedgwood, Moser and the prestigious Christofle silverware whose exclusive dealer for the whole of Sardinia is Rosas 1945.

A stunning venue

The location, as always new (Magie d’Inverno is held each time in a different place), will be the beautiful and innovative Regional Institute of Ethnography museum inaugurated in December. It is the Sardinian Ethnographic Museum, the largest of its kind in the island; as the very only museum resulting of a direct offshoot of the Sardinian Region, it orients its documentation and research activities to the entire region, and it will be entirely reserved for this event.

This is even more important considering that Magie d’Inverno is also one of the main ambassadors of Sardinia’s culture and traditions in Italy and abroad, promoting a major setback in the demand for local products, enhancing the best entrepreneurial practices in Sardinia and acting as a cultural landmark. Like two years ago, the event will be also a great showcase for the Sardinian food and wine as well as for the local floriculture.


fabio rosas

The event will involve the organization of the Milan-based agency Pro-Meet, directed by Francesca Pezzutto, and of Studio Saba, led by Arch. Francesco Saba. Statement by Fabio Rosas, owner of Rosas 1945 and of Casa Rosas «I am really happy and proud to be able to make use this year of such a prestigious venue, one of the most important anthropological museums in Europe, not only in Italy, which thanks to the media coverage of Magie d’Inverno will be appreciated by an even wider audience.

«This eighth edition marks the 14th year since the event was founded – fourteen economically very hard years for the Western world, but we are still here, determined and enthusiastic, having always met appreciation and satisfaction both by sponsors and guests.

«The theme underlying the event will be particularly challenging: knowledge, Sardinian knowledge declined in the numerous milestones that our culture has allowed us to achieve in crafts, art, science, every human expression, respecting our traditions but always making sensible innovations. It’s going to be three really memorable days».

Statement by Bruno Murgia, president of the Sardinian Ethnographic Museum «We are pleased to host the prestigious Magie d’Inverno in our new and equally prestigious Museum. We always look forward to collaborations with private entrepreneurs, especially with the big names in fashion, design and culture, and Magie d’Inverno is really a worthy event.

«Our mission is to treat the identity production of our island, which goes very well with luxury. Jewels perfectly fit with our traditional clothes, and this is just one example. Luxury and Sardinian culture, though very different, are highly integrated, since they express complementary values, resulting of a single root: hard work, passion, and strong personality.

«The Museum certifies all this, highlighting the masterpieces of our tradition: objects, photographs and reconstructions that, in the days of Magie d’Inverno, will look like merging with the exhibited jewelry, thus creating sort of a wonderful gem that everyone can enjoy».



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Rosas 1945 is one of the main Italian jewelry stores. Opened in 1999 by Fabio Rosas and his wife Piera, it was actually started off by his paternal grandfather, who founded the company in 1920. In1945 (a year showing up in the corporate name right to celebrate this event) his son Antonio, who settled in Nuoro, followed his father’s footsteps and opened his own shop.

Today it’s Fabio’s turn, Antonio’s son, to continue, together with his son Marco, the family tradition, basing the success to the passion and professionalism developed over these generations. In addition to his wife, Piera, four good employees assist him in accomplishing this mission: Flavio Spanu, Paola Mingioni, Angelica Congiu, Paola Mattana.

Rosas 1945 is dealer of important jewelry brands such as Chantecler, Mikimoto, Cielo Venezia1270, DoDo, Mimi, Pomellato, Quaglia, Salvini, Pandora. Among the watchmakery brands we include Cartier, Hamilton, IWC, Montblanc, TagHeuer, Vetta, Zenith, Longines, Burberry.

Along side the offer of jewelry Casa Rosas was opened in 2011, a concept store dedicated to objects of furniture, as well as to kitchen and wedding lists with major brands such as Baccarat, Venini, Gabbiani, Lladrò, Lalique, Pampaloni, Messulam, Christofle, Richard Ginori, Villeroy & Boch, Alessi, Lagostina, Kitchen Aid, Coltellerie Berti (knives).

The company, moreover, has always been involved in the organization of events related to its promotional activities. Many are the initiatives designed to introduce new customers to the new and exclusive marketed collections, as well as to spread the culture of jewelry and watch, make known the exquisite and refined taste of unique creations and enhance the link with the territory, by whose traditions all the local products – including luxury – are fed.




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