The Award Goes To Reykjavík, For The Best Event Destination In Europe


Next level of mice experience

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The winners of the Eventex Awards 2019 were announced in a fun and creative “out of the box” delivery, though inside a boxed frame, as it was executed in an online ceremony. We were thrilled and honored for Reykjavik to receive the award for the best event destination in Europe.

The ninth annual Eventex Awards continues to recognize, honor, and reward businesses in vastly disparate categories for exceptional contributions and service of excellence in event management and execution.

We believe that the new message of MICE Travel being Unconventional is quite fitting for the city of Reykjavik, as it is anything but conventional. Reykjavik is a safe and relaxed European city that offers accessibility and convenience; our venues and hotels are mostly in a walking distance from each other as they’re located within or around the city center.

We also have a strong connection with the nature that surrounds us, in fact there aren’t many places in the city where you feel removed from nature. Reykjavik is blessed with a strong connection to nature as it is graced by the Atlantic Ocean, mountains and other vast and untouched nature. It’s a luxury that is proven and doesn’t have to be promised, all while giving visitors long lived memories and unique experiences.

Iceland is closer than you think

Iceland is highly accessible, situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean midway between Europe and North America with only 3 hours flight from Europe and 5 hours from the east coast of North America. The capital city Reykjavik has been expanding its infrastructure and is evolving into a premiere international MICE destination.

Accessibility – easy to get to and around

There are more weekly flights  from Keflavik airport to N-Amerika than from Oslo, Helsinki and Stockholm  altogether and twice as many than from Copenhagen.

28 international airlines have scheduled flights during high season 2018  to 92 destinations. During low season 2018/2019 15 airlines serve 65 destinations.

Our flagship carrier Icelandair has made codeshare agreement with Finnair, SAS, Alaska Airlines, Jetblue, WestJest, Porter Airlines, Rossiya and Air Greenland.

In 2018 the Route Network of Icelandair connects 25 European gateways with 23 N-American gateways through the hub in Iceland during high season.

Conference flights to Iceland

Icelandair rates among the most punctual airlines in Europe. This is just one high point for the company, which lands near the top in all key areas in AEA (Association of European Airlines) consumer reports. Icelandair aims at not only keeping up these excellent statistics but improving them.


Iceland is part of the Nordic Passport Union and included in the Schengen Area. All persons holding a valid Schengen visa in their travel document do not need a VISA for entry to Iceland.

Next door to nature

To describe the connection to nature in Reykjavík: A salmon river runs through the city, you can go on a short whale-watching tour from the harbour in the heart of Reykjavík, if you drive for two hours you can be riding a snow-mobile on a glacier, in a few hours tour you can experience amazing geysers, waterfalls, the birthplace of the Icelandic parliament and be back to Reykjavík for a late dinner at one of the city’s acclaimed restaurants.

In harmony with nature

Iceland is an energetic place. Its breathtaking nature is still being formed by the powerful forces of nature, the cliché being the island of fire and ice. Iceland’s houses and its famous swimming pools are heated by renewable energy from both hydroelectric and geothermal powerplants. The clean and fresh air is one of the nation’s pride.Iceland – next level of mice experience

In Reykjavík you experience a safe, exciting and creative European city that will raise your spirits and widen your horizon. And the Reykjavík experience and inspiration will travel with you back home.


Expansive open spaces, towering mountains, deep gorges and magnificent glaciers are open for exploration and enjoyment.  In Iceland you can take a four-wheel drive for a spin, climb a sheer wall of ice, trek along a glacier, dive into a crevice and literally swim between the Eurasian and American continental plates.

A number of travel options through amazing landscapes are also an option and such tours are memorable adventures.

Helicopter tours

There’s no better way to see Iceland than from the air. Norðurflug Helicopter Tours is a dynamic and a leading company in Icelandic aerial travel. Our passengers view STUNNING Icelandic scenery from the quiet comfort of our helicopters while staying in some of Iceland’s most luxurious and famous hotels and lodges along the way. You can choose from one of our popular tours or design your own tailor-made to make all YOUR WISHES come true.

Based at Reykjavik’s domestic airport, just a few minutes from the city center, Nordurflug Helicopter Tours cater for a range of CORPORATE, international and domestic travelers. Our aircraft´s are available for CHARTER by agreement either by the hour, for a day or longer periods. We can fly you to any destination within Iceland.

Accommodation and travel arrangements while in Iceland are gladly taken care of by our friendly staff so clients can relax and enjoy the best that Iceland has to offer.

Whales of iceland exhibition

Whales of Iceland is a new exhibit that has opened in the heart of Reykjavík’s old harbor area. Close to downtown, this is truly an otherworldly venue.

Wander amongst these amazing animals while listening to their distinctive sounds in ambient lighting that will make you feel as though you are underwater.


Looking for the ultimate venue to suit your event? Reykjavik is sure to have just what you are looking for. Numerous venues for international conferences with state of the art technology and impeccable service combined with the “can do” mentality.


Reykjavik offers a broad spectrum of first-rate accommodations and Conference hotels.  The city has lodgings to satisfy every MICE planners need. Icelanders take pride in their hospitality and high standard of cleanliness and we make sure that your group will sleep soundly come rain or shine, northern lights or midnight sun. The hotel industry in Reykjavik Iceland is expanding drastically adding luxury and lifestyle hotels. In Reykjavík and surroundings are 180 hotels and guesthouses with around 5000 rooms.

 Events support & Communication

We offer first-class equipment and technical support. Trained professionals with years of experience and knowledge make sure that everything runs smoothly and your event goes without a hitch.  Each venue has top of the line equipment on site and quick and easy access to everything one might need in addition. Short communication channels ensure that everything is handled within a brief timeframe.


A number of highly qualified Professional Conference Organizers are ready and willing to render their services. Well-educated professionals have honed their skills to perfection and can organize large and small conventions, put together an inspiring and rewarding meeting as well as create an impeccable event.

DMC – Incentives

If you are looking for a destination in Europe, Reykjavík has incomparable settings for incentive trips as well as great meeting and conference facilities.  Icelanders have found their forte in destination management and you will find many DMC of international standard. We have some of the best DMC companies in Europe operating in Reykjavík. The inherent hospitality and friendliness of the Icelandic people have found a vent in welcoming guests seeking to be entertained and thrilled.

Iceland´s incentive offerings are world-class including visits to volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs, caves, jeep safaris, dog-sledding and cultural, historical and geological tours.  The landscape is an adventure in itself and a number of unbelievable activity tours are easily arranged. Iceland is an ideal playing ground for nature lovers, action enthusiasts and thrill seekers.

Iceland Travel

Iceland Travel is the leading DMC and PCO in Iceland. We work exclusively with the most professional suppliers and provide a superior service level from start to finish. Iceland Travel serves a critical role in the planning, coordination, and management of your convention, meeting or conference in Reykjavik. Iceland Travel’s qualified staff excels at finding the ideal venue, setting the stage and keeping everything running smoothly throughout the event. When experience and professionalism matter, Iceland Travel Conference and Events is a natural choice. And as a subsidiary of Icelandair Group, we provide quality service at highly competitive rates.

Iceland Travel has the distinction of being the largest and longest running travel company and conference organizer in Iceland. The Conferences & Events department is run on an independent basis and has the initiative and capacity to offer complete solutions while planning, coordinating and overseeing an event, meeting or conference.

Holding a meeting or a convention in Reykjavik has never been easier. The Iceland Travel Conference & Events department is committed to providing the best service possible, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your event in our beautiful island home. Iceland is located midway between Europe and America and easily accessible from all corners of the globe. The capital Reykjavik, a vibrant city featured on many recent top destination lists, is bound to attract attendees. Iceland Travel will work with you to provide an unrivaled destination experience.


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