The Annual congress of the World Association of Psychiatric Genetics for the first time in Israel


And it was held at the International Congress Centre (ICC JERUSALEM)


Lynn Lipschitz, Yoav Kohn, Mira Altman, Elliot Gershon

This is the third time this year, which such a prestigious international conference in medicine came to Israel and was held at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem – Binyanei Ha’Uma.

This week opens the annual congress of the World Association for genetic research in psychiatry. The congress is alternate yearly between North America and Europe. Thus, held in Toronto last year, the year before in Copenhagen, three years ago in Boston, and this year, as mentioned, in Jerusalem.

According to the psychiatrist, Dr. Yoav Kohn (one of the chairs of the congress, Director of Children and Youth Hospital «Eitanim» and chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the School of Medicine at the Hebrew University and «Hadassah»):» This is the first time the World Association for Psychiatry Genetics comes to Israel, and of course it was not easy to convince well-known doctors and researchers in the field to hold this conference here. One of the main reasons we succeed though is the high level of research in Israel in general, and in this area in particular. The international genetic research is mostly based on international cooperation. »

During the congress some further research were coordinated, based on continued collaboration between researchers from around the Globe, in order to examine the genetic background to break into psychiatric illnesses and share information about international genetic research related to the formation of various diseases such as autism, bipolar disorder (mania disorder), depression, anxiety, ADHD and more. The participants discussed clinical implications of the study and the ability to use them right now for the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric diseases.

More than 300 medical researchers from around the Globe came every day of the convention, which lasted four days at the Luxurious Congress Hall ‘Teddy’ in International Convention Center in Jerusalem.


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