Riga Food 2016


The No. 1 Food Fair


The central food industry event in the Baltics, European Union, is to be held at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre in Riga, Latvia from 7–10 September 2016.

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21th international trade fair for food, beverages, food processing, technologies, packaging, innovation, horeca and shop equipment and services, international premium quality food competition, competitions of chefs and pastry cooks, bartenders competition.

Food processing and production equipment, ingredients, spices and additives, industrial automation of the food industry, packaging, packaging equipment, equipment and raw materials for producing packaging materials, labels, marking, barcodes, printing equipment, materials and supplies.


Business forum

Matchmaking Event for food professionals and entrepreneurs

“Riga Food” offers a dynamic and international opportunity for eventual cooperation partners from the East and West to meet with one another. On-line Matchmaking Event news available at www.rigafood.com.


Workshops and discussions with participation of Latvian and foreign food industry enterprises, professional associations, entrepreneurs and diplomats.

Food professionals from the EU and other countries meet at “Riga Food” every year to pep up their business!



Wholesome and functional food, kosher and halal products, vegetarian products, organic food, supplements, ingredients with improved nutritional value, botanical extracts, herbal products, encapsulated and powdered herbs, vitamins and mineral supplements, baby food supplements, sports nutrition, anti-ageing and weight-loss supplements.


Regular Expo

General food products, meat, milk, fish, bread, confectionery, frozen food, fresh food, fruits, vegetables, processed food.



Gourmet food and selected beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, beer, wine, coffee, tea; competitions and tasting, equipment and facilities for public catering and retail sales; hotel equipment, facilities, tools, table design and accessories.



Science for the food industry, processing industry and technology, scientific and research institutions and educational establishments, scientists and students breakthroughs.


Clean expo

Disinfectants, cleaning agents and devices, laboratory equipment; ecology in the food industry and public catering; implementation and supervision of the HACCP system; work clothes.



National collective stands


Since 2006, “Riga Food” has been reaching, annually, record high numbers of participating countries. This tendency tends to outlast in 2016 with at least 18–20 national collective stands introducing fields of interest of various countries in the Baltic market.

Of foreign participants and national collective stands reveal the international significance of “Riga Food”.


“Riga Food 2015”

A total of 703 companies from 37 countries participated at “Riga Food 2015”. Of those, 48% of the participants were Latvian manufacturers, 18% were Latvian importers and wholesalers, and 34% were foreign companies. The expositions were presented on national collective stands covering fifteen countries – Belarus, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Georgia, Canada, Poland, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and, of course, Latvia.


For the first time it was possible to see the Indian national collective stand, “India Expo”, where 36 companies presented their products. Over the course of four days the exhibition was attended by 38,539 visitors, which is a 2% increase on last year’s figures.

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The professional visitors who registered at the fair arrived from 50 countries around the world

During the “Riga Food 2015” fair, the professional visitors were registered and their interests in regard to the fair were recorded. Here are the results: The professionals named three reasons for visiting the fair: 44% came to establish new contacts, 37% – to obtain information, while 19% were here to make purchasing orders.


Most of the “Riga Food 2015” professional visitors were representatives of the food manufacturing and trade sector. 28% of the visitors are working in food wholesale, 14% – in food retail; 13% – in food manufacturing; 11% – in public catering; 1% – in the hospitality industry; 17% are engaged in the manufacture and trade of food processing equipment, packing and raw materials, technical process support services, and public catering and POS equipment trade; 7% – in food import; 7% provide services for the food industry; and 2% work in other sectors.




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