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Jeju Special Self-Governing Province will extensively innovate its public transportation systems that have been used for the past 30 years. The newly introduced systems, effective on August 26, will allow tourists to travel everywhere in the Island by paying only 1,200 Korean Won (appx. 1 USD).

This plan includes 22 bus-transit stations, free Wi-Fi facilities, and mobile-device charging systems. An improvement will resolve inconvenience caused by existing public transportation systems – the most common complaint from individual foreign tourists. Also, MICE industry anticipates trickle-down effects accordingly.

MICE visitors, especially those who come from not only Asia but also Europe, U.S.A., African for attending international conferences, are deemed as high-value-added customers, and they contribute to the diversification and qualitative growth of local tourism market. Statistical data show that international conference participants generate a higher spending by almost twice of ordinary tourists.

In this regards, a more convenient and flexible mobility is an essential prerequisite for attracting international conference participants and inducing their spending. They are same to individual tourist in the matter of air-travel, accommodation, sightseeing, and shopping.

Therefore, Jeju Government’s public transportation innovation plan, providing them with a greater access to tourist attractions by means of bus transit stations, shuttle bus services, and foreign language services, will encourage those international conference participants who used to spend their free time at hotel due to difficulties to access tourist attractions by-alone, to enjoy the Jeju Island.

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Jeju Convention & Visitors Bureau, a forerunner of Jeju’s MICE industry and the provincial government’s official partner, has been consistently putting great efforts for marketing Jeju Island as the Asia’s leading recreational MICE destination.

According to the recent statistics report released by the Union of International Association (UIA), Jeju Island accounted for 82 meetings in 2013, 85 meetings in 2014, 112 meetings in 2015, and 117 meetings in 2016, achieving a global city ranking of 17 – Jeju finally entered the top 20.

However, being in no way complacent, Jeju Convention & Visitors Bureau continues its efforts to make MICE participants to enjoy Jeju and to spend more money. For example, it distributes a “MICE Card” which is combined with public transportation systems, and operates a promotion booth for introducing Jeju’s advantages as an international conference venue.

New public transportation systems will help Jeju Convention & Visitors Bureau to conduct aforesaid activities more easily and more efficiently. Eve ever, Jeju Convention & Visitors Bureau will continue to exert its marketing efforts to host high-value-added MICE events in Jeju Island, and also make international visitors enjoy Jeju as much as they can and visit again.

Jeju Convention & Visitors Bureau will lead in upgrading Jeju’s status as the ultimate destination for recreational MICE, by utilizing the newly introduced public transportation systems.

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