MPI: 16 Percent Drop in Planners Predicting Meetings Growth


MPI 2016 summer infographic


Meeting Professionals International (MPI) has published its Meetings Outlook 2016 Summer Edition, with the latest meeting and event industry projections.

Key findings include a 16 percent drop over the past year in the number of respondents that project positive growth for upcoming live event attendance (down from 66 percent). At the same time, live and virtual attendance figures are expected to grow 1.5 percent and 2.5 percent, respectively.

30 percent of respondents said they are avoiding destinations that have laws prohibiting universal restroom use, while 19 percent are avoiding locations with liberal handgun or weapons laws.

63 percent of respondents predict favorable business conditions for the year ahead, and 27 percent of respondents said political elections have a significant influence on meetings and events.

In terms of employment outlook, signals are mixed. 50 percent of respondents predicted full-time employment will remain flat, with 30 percent forecasting growth and 20 percent expecting a decrease. Part-time and contract employment show a similar trend: 63 percent of respondents predicted flat part-time employment, and 51 percent said contract employment would remain flat. 31 percent said part-time employment was set to grow, and 42 percent saw growth ahead for contract employment, while 6 percent and 7 percent forecasted a decline in part-time and contract employment, respectively. 

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