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New profession, 24–25 May 2016

Eric De Groot 

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 Meeting Designer from the Netherlands and author of “Into the Heart of Meetings”, Eric de Groot, will visit Amsterdam on 24 – 25 May 2016, for a Meeting Design Training Course.

Meeting Design is a relatively new profession. A Meeting Designer works with meetings as a specific means of communication, just like newspapers or television. The work of a Meeting Designer is to bring content, objectives and participants’ expectations together and to design the programme in a way that makes it effective, engaging and conducive towards the organizational objectives.

The course will focus on the main basics of designing meeting programmes and is designed for meeting professionals who want to exert greater influence on meeting outcomes; communication experts who want to improve their understanding of the medium; change agents and consultants who want to use meetings effectively.

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Meeting Design provides the methodology that allows you to move from believing in ROI to actually achieving measurable outcomes. To produce outcomes that cause behaviour change, you need an in-depth understanding of meeting processes and how to influence them. This course will offer exactly that.

Naturally, much of the course content is based on the book “Into the Heart of Meetings”, written by Mike van der Vijver and Eric de Groot. This first-ever book on Meeting Design has received world-wide attention and acclaim. For reviews, please check our website


Dates: 24-25 May 2016 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Location: ICCA Head Quarters

Price € 995,- + VAT,-. Special price for ICCA Members, please contact Mieke van Loenen:

Includes one copy for each participant of “ Into the Heart of Meetings”, two lunches. Each second registration from the same organization is entitled to a 10% discount. For information and registration, please send an email to:

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