Mayas: revelation of an endless time


Uncover hidden treasures of an ancient civilisation


World Museum in Liverpool will invite visitors to uncover the hidden treasures of the ancient Mayas this summer, with the opening of a breathtaking exhibition in the city; the only place to host it in the UK.


Opening on 19 June and running until 18 October 2015, Mayas: revelation of an endless time, looks back thousands of years through time to the Mesoamerican civilisation of the ancient Maya.

The free exhibition will take visitors on an illuminating journey to an age of majestic warriors, astronomy and learning, shamanic rituals and human sacrifice.


What made the ancient Mayas look to the stars? Why was their civilisation so powerful? How did they communicate? Find out the answers and other revealing facts in Mayas: revelation of an endless time.

Through 385 stunning objects from museums and historical sites in Mexico, including striking sculptures and funerary masks to intricate gold and sacred jade jewellery, the exhibition explores this extraordinary people whose culture is still alive today.

Visitors can learn about the deadly consequences of a ball game, the importance of the underworld and discover the complexities of the ancient Maya calendar.


Steve Judd, Director of World Museum said: “It’s a great honour to have Mayas: revelation of an endless time coming to Liverpool. Not only is World Museum the only place you can see the exhibition in the UK, it’s also free entry, making it accessible to all.”


From the perspective of the Ambassador of Mexico, Diego Gomez-Pickering: “Undoubtedly this exhibition will unveil mesmerizing details about the Mayan civilization, but also will showcase to every visitor the value of Mexico’s history and the great diversity of its cultural routes.”


Mayas: revelation of an endless time has been produced by the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH) in Mexico. It is part of the 2015 ‘Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom’ and ‘Year of the United Kingdom in Mexico’.


The World Cultures Gallery within World Museum contains stunning objects from our Americas collection, ranging from South America to the Arctic, with a large display of Mesoamerican archaeology.


To celebrate the Year of Mexico in the UK, World Museum will also show its Codex Fejérvary-Mayer, an exceptionally rare deer skin book from the Mixtec of central Mexico, for the duration of the Mayas: revelation of an endless time exhibition.


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