Marhaba and A Hidden Treasure!


5 months to go, yes the countdown has officially started!


It is my privilege to reveal the date the world has been waiting for! On the 15th August 2016 the Exhibition Centre will open its doors! We will welcome not just our first guests but a whole new era of opportunity for the Sultanate of Oman as visitors and experts from around the globe come to the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre (OCEC).

We are confident that it will be a hub for sharing knowledge and driving commerce, as well as attracting investment, creating jobs, contributing to the economy and powering growth.

The OCEC’s inaugural event will be Infra Oman 2016, the annual meeting place for industry leaders and key players from the world’s construction industry. We look forward to playing our part in maximising the regional and international impact of this major exhibition. On behalf the entire OCEC Team, I would like to say how excited and eager we are to commence our operations with such a high-profile event. We can’t wait, Oman!

In the lead-up to the opening, and indeed beyond, the Business Development Team will be keeping up the incredible momentum in bringing the world to Oman and Oman to the world.

Trevor McCartney

General Manager

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Congratulations Oman

A Hidden Treasure!

The Sultanate has been welcoming visitors and traders for over 5,000 years and stands out for its rich heritage, reflected in its wealth of castles, forts, traditional souqs and historical sites and vibrant welcoming culture. This time around, the country is in the spotlight and not only attracting tourists, investors, conference delegates, event professionals or sportsmen and women, but rather underwater archaeologists after the recent discovery of a site where a ship from Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gamma’s fleet sank near Al-Hallaniyah Island in the Arabian Sea.

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The 500-year-old wreckage of the ship piloted by an uncle of explorer Vasco da Gama has been found off the coast of Oman, a discovery that included the recovery of an incredibly rare Portuguese coin (one of only two coins of this type known to exist).

Beginning in 2013, a team from the Oman Ministry of Heritage and Culture and British company BlueWater Recoveries Ltd determined the debris found there probably came from the long-missing “The Esmeralda,” one of two ships lost in the storm during da Gama’s second voyage to India in May 1503.

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