ICC Jerusalem hosted Israel’s largest Multinational Stamp Exhibition  «Jerusalem 2016»



On such an occasion Special Stamps were issued with figures representing Jerusalem, such as: Stamp with former President Yitzhak Navon.

Special Edition of ‘My Stamp’ leaf illustrated by famous actor Haim Topol, with illustrations of President Reuven Rivlin, Former Knesset Member Geula Cohen, famous singer Yehoram Gaon, as well as illustrations of Central Locations in Jerusalem.

Philatelic Service of Israel Post in cooperation with the Israel Philatelic Federation held on 13-17 / 11 at ICC Jerusalem Israel’s largest Stamp Exhibition «Jerusalem 2016».



The exhibition featured rare stamp collections and special items, as well as thousands of pages displayed with tens of thousands of philatelic items. Professional collectors, as well as amateur collectors from all around the world, also youth and children had visited the exhibition.

Especially for the exhibition a special stamp was issued to mark the anniversary of the death of former President Yitzhak Navon. Furthermore, a special edition of «My Stamp» Leaf contains 12 illustrations created by well-known actor Haim Topol, a very limited edition – only 2,999 copies with the personal signature of Haim Topol, was issued as well.



In addition, Philatelic Service of Israeli Post issued several stamps and special items to be displayed:

Decorative item made of real gold: Embedded in gold images of stamps «Tourism in Jerusalem» 2016; A series of five stamps and special stamps booklet issued as a tribute to the city of Jerusalem commemorating Jaffa Street, Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, Ramparts Promenade, the First Train station, Via Dolorosa.

On the cover of the booklet appeared panoramic image of the Tower of David and the Old City Walls.

More than 7,000 people had visited the exhibition and enjoyed a unique display. In addition, visitors could be photographed at the exhibition, could bring a personal photo or drawing and acquire customized Issue of «My Stamp» leaf designed to contain 12 stamps: 6 personal photos + 6 central sites of Jerusalem, illustrated by Haim Topol .



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