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São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau


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The entity began working on behalf of tourism in São Paulo and acting as the trigger for attracting events and putting on outstanding activities that helped change the course of São Paulo forever

From a meeting between a group of business people, executives and representatives from corporate entities held 32 years ago came the dream of creating a body that would work to increase the flow of visitors in São Paulo by attracting and supporting events and promoting destinations. This is how, on November 11, 1983, the Fundação 25 de Janeiro [January 25 Foundation] was officially instituted, giving rise to the first Convention & Visitors Bureau in Brazil.


Called the Fundação 25 de Janeiro – Everything for São Paulo – São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau, the entity began working on behalf of tourism in São Paulo and acting as the trigger for attracting events and putting on outstanding activities that helped change the course of São Paulo forever.

By way of its trade marks, the São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau and Visite São Paulo, the Fundação 25 de Janeiro is in fact a marketing body, the objectives of which include integration of all segments in the sector, thus uniting public and private elements. Today it comprises an efficient team of 30 professionals, supported by a Board of Trustees, with representatives from 34 bodies/companies, a Board of Directors with ten members elected by the associates, and a group of 14 business people and executives who act as an Advisory Council.


Looking back at what was done in the past and respecting history and the professionals who helped construct the legacy of the entity, the Foundation is moving ahead with its eyes fixed firmly on the future and ever alert to the new trends being imposed by the market. The search for reinvention, year by year, is a constant, and this search helps us find effective ways of generating new business for destinations and for associates, by way of networking and training meetings, publications, figures for market intelligence and communication channels for disclosing destinations and their qualities and attractions.

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It’s understanding in order to serve

And all this without forgetting our main purpose: to attract and support national and international events. The result of this objective work is that São Paulo already has events that have been confirmed until 2024.

The work and dreams that started 32 years ago with a group pf entrepreneurs in the Ca’d’Oro Hotel and subsequently in the Bandeirante Room at the former Hilton Hotel, continue stronger than ever. From now on the challenges presented by the current turbulent political and economic scenario will be many. Even so, knowing all the potential São Paulo has in terms of business and leisure tourism, the Fundação 25 de Janeiro is expanding its indicators year after year, with its feet set firmly on the ground, but looking ahead, seeking to anticipate trends and consolidate the State of São Paulo, with its cities spas and the capital itself as destinations where everything’s fine!


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Congratulations to all those who work or worked for the entity and helped write this success story. Our thanks to the teams that every day are responsible for every action that’s undertaken; to the members of the Board of Directors, supported by the Advisory Council and monitored by the representatives of the entities of the Board of Trustees, who bring the market view and help with the Foundation’s directions and decision-making; and above all the supporting associates, which are the basis of the entity and the pillar for making the tourism, events and travel market in São Paulo a reality and sustaining it for the benefit of the development of our country.


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