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IWINETC organisers visited the renowned Torres winery located in Pacs del Penedes to see exactly what IWINETC conference attendees can expect during their visit as part of the IWINETC Networking progrmme. The tour, running for approximately 1.5 hours, is set at the picturesque Bodega which is located in the midst of a multitude of grape vines, modern structures and intriguing artworks.

It starts in the Visitor´s Centre, where guests are greeted and then escorted into a cinema to watch a brief film on the history of Torres. Even though we learn that this is a wine estate that has roots which date back to 1870, it is made clear that it is not backward in its approach to winemaking.  Post cinema, we get to experience the large winery in its entirety by taking a commented train tour through the vineyards and past the cellars. Our well informed guide gives thorough and captivating explanations about the wine making process that has evolved over the business´s history, plus facts about the Bodega´s landscape, buildings and products.

Bodega Torres IWINETC 2016


Throughout the tour we discover that Torres is suprisingly forward thinking in their use of technology as the winery uses only the most modern equipment and even has its own research laboratory, complete with scientists. Our guide emphasises that this is a business that is committed to environmental conservation through its use of biological alternatives. It is impressive to hear that only biologically friendly products are used at the site in addition to renewable energy sources, recycling initiatives, and reduced energy consumption. We are told that Torres has also commenced various projects to keep their focus on making it one of the most eco-friendly wine producers globally; making visitors feel like it is a brand that can be trusted and endorsed.

It is quite an active tour as visitors are able to move from the train into the different buildings and viewing rooms of all three of the winery´s cellars. Perhaps one of the most curious parts of the tour is when we are lead down one of the old cellar tunnels which is lined with classic, old oak barrels – three of which are signed by some very notorious figures.  The largest cellar holds 3000 barrels and we are told that if you arrive before 3pm, you can witness the workers in action.  Following this, we are lead by foot through the vines so as to experience the natural landscape and see just how many different grape varieties are being cultivated on site.

Towards the end of the tour, we journey into the Torres Museum which displays vintage wine making equipment, antique bottles, strange drinking vessels, Torres´ many awards and traditional, local artworks. The tour finally concludes in the tasting room where guests participate in a commented tasting of two of the estate´s wines as well as admire the many products on sale at the winery´s very own wine shop.

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This comprehensive wine tour is informative and leaves no questions unanswered as the enthusiastic tour guides are more than willing to share their knowledge about wine.

IWINETC conference delegates will be able to experience this same guided visit on April 6, followed by a Gala Dinner at the Torres Mas Rabell Restaurant. As a Gold Sponsor of the IWINETC 2016, Torres will also be sharing their extensive knowledge about wine tourism by participating as an exhibitor at the conference´s resource exhibition and also in the Wine Tourism Workshop.

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Paesaggio Sicilia to Boom at IWINETC

Bodega Pesaggio IWINETC 2016

Sicily has an average annual wine production ranking between the second and third position among the Italian regions. But what makes Sicily a very significant area for the wine production are the several varieties of native grapes and the dramatic climate and geological differences of the wine production areas which have resulted in twenty-two DOCs and one DOCG. Autochthonous grapes grow in the volcanic soil up in the snowy volcano Etna, in the lush Aeolian island of Salina or ripe in the southern coast of Sicily constantly exposed to the warm African breezes.

With the highest number of organic farms in the whole country, Sicily is perhaps the most eclectic and interesting farming region of Italy. The outstanding quality of our PDO olive oil, durum wheat, cheese, citrus, almonds, cappers, vegetables, herbs and the generous sea provide the fundamental ingredients for our century long excellent culinary traditions.

Paesaggio Sicilia Tour Operator is a team of people with a deep knowledge of Sicily and a great passion for its people, landscapes, culture, history, culinary traditions, agriculture and oenology.

The fil rouge of all our programmes is the personal contact with local people, culture and traditions. We organise wine and food programmes to visit the most traditional and creative wineries and to experience the daily life of rural enterprises.

We offer small group tours, tailor made programmes and private tours for those travellers who want to discover the most beautiful regions of Sicily, moving at nature’s pace in the respect of local culture and environment, travelling freely but discretely in those areas off the most beaten tourist tracks.

Paesaggio Sicilia Tour Operator will take part as provider at the IWINETC and workshop 2016 in Barcelona. For more info please contact us at or visit and

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