European Cities Marketing to embrace national and regional organizations


To work with the leisure and meetings industry and city marketing

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ECM members during ECM Annual Meeting & General Assembly in Turin

While keeping its focus on city tourism, European Cities Marketing, the leading association of cities in Europe, opens the door to regional or national tourist offices, convention bureaux and multi-functional urban marketing agencies established by regions or nations in Europe.

During its last General Assembly in Turin on June 5, 2015, ECM members unanimously voted the creation of a new affiliate members category set up for National Tourist Boards, National Convention Bureaux or regional entities.

«ECM’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is that it is the only organisation to work with the leisure and meetings industry and city marketing. The «glue» that holds members and the association together is the dynamic of the City and ECM believes in the vision that «everyone in the city sells the city. This includes the Meetings Industry, the leisure, cultural and economic sectors», explained Ignasi de Delàs, ECM President. «The next step is naturally to open the door and go up one level to tackle this perspective to the national and regional ones by establishing permanent contact», he concluded.

In line with its mission, ECM is willing to offer new affiliate members regular and up to date information on city destinations, access to exclusive studies to see at a glance the latest performance data of cities in Europe, and most importantly a network to meet cities but also benchmark with their peers on the European level.

Convinced that there is evident interest to work together, ECM members collectively endorsed this decision to turn to be the only platform to deliver such opportunity of dialogue between cities, regions and nations whether it refers to tourism or the Meetings Industry.




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