EU 100: Europe according to (100) citizens


18 & 19 November

In the next few weeks, 100 citizens from all over Belgium will work together to define their demands and proposals on the future of Europe at the first Citizen Forum on the EU: » EU-100: Europe for citizens «. The initiative will conclude with a final Summit on 18 and 19 November at the Senate building. The Citizen Forum on the EU is organised by the European Movement in Belgium in cooperation with, among others, Europe Direct Bruxelles, which is an integral part of

Europe is in the midst of a major shift, and this time the voice of its citizens must be heard. The migration and asylum crisis, the growing terrorist threat, the instability of our neighbours, the tightening of Russia’s foreign policy and the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the EU have shown the inability of the current European institutions to deal with today’s challenges. The EU reform process will inevitably kick into high gear in the coming months and years. And its success will depend on its capacity to reflect the real expectations of EU citizens.

It is only by coming together in the form of civil society organisations that citizens will be able to create a place for themselves in the debate. The Citizen Forum on the EU aims to let 100 Belgian citizens have their say on the subject of the future of the European Union and act as a sounding board for their voice to be heard. Conceived as an open and inclusive forum for discussion, the Forum will allow participants to put forward their aspirations in the form of specific proposals.

With the aim of promoting the exchange of ideas and the highest level of participation, the debates are taking place thanks to an online platform specifically devoted to the project. The final summit will allow participants to meet in person to proceed with the adoption of a Citizens’ Declaration and present their proposals to the authorities and Belgian elected representatives.

The European Movement in Belgium, with the support of its partners in Belgium (Europe Direct, BXFM, the Senate and Young European Federalists Belgium) and in Europe (Union of European Federalists and the Spinelli Group), will thus bring the message of the European citizens of Belgium to the Belgian and European institutions and will make use of all possible synergies with the other similar initiatives springing up all over Europe.


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