East Wintergarden brought to life through 360 degree VR tour


In the Heart of London

Adding to its already state-of-the-art technology offering, the tour has been created as part the venue’s desire to reach more clients, including international organisations looking to make the most of the venue’s superb travel connections.

With its 27-metre-high arched roof and glass exterior, East Wintergarden is the perfect subject for a virtual tour. Nestled among the distinctive towers of Canary Wharf, the East Wintergarden is a blank canvas events venue right in the heart of London´s most celebrated Estate.  A perfect venue for an array of events, from conferences, meetings and awards to receptions, corporate parties and weddings.  The virtual reality tour will allow the unique and inspiring nature of the venue to shine through to potential clients, providing them with a sense of drama and excitement.

“We are very lucky – East Wintergarden is truly special, meaning a VR tour can really show off everything we have to offer,” comments Joanne Taylor from East Wintergarden.  “In particular we wanted the tour to showcase how diverse we are as a venue – and the VR tour really delivers.  Through the VR headset, viewers can experience the grandeur of the venue as well as its capacity to deliver on events ranging from simple meetings to full scale, production heavy awards and galas.”

East Wintergarden is using the VR tour at BNC today to show organisers, particularly new clients, what makes the venue special.  The VR tour will also act as a key marketing tool in the venue’s overseas marketing strategy, allowing potential clients an in-depth view of the property without the need to travel.  Such international clients are a growing market for East Wintergarden due to its proximity to London City Airport as well as the many international businesses with offices in Canary Wharf.

Joanne concludes: “Clients are busy people; we recognise they cannot possibly hope to see every venue, which is why we want to bring our venue to them.  Twenty years ago that meant a brochure, ten years ago it was a good website but VR has changed those needs again.  People want to use as many of their senses as possible when it comes to a venue tour, whilst a site visit is obviously the perfect solution – VR is a close second.”

For more information on the events at Canary Wharf, please visit: //canarywharf.com/east-wintergarden/


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