Dubai on Track to Meet 20 Million Visitors by 2020



Investments in tourism infrastructure and marketing appear to be paying off as Dubai awaits the arrival of World Expo in 2020. Government incentives supporting the development of midrange three- and four-star hotels saw another 15,000 rooms opened since the summer as Dubai looks to double capacity to 165,000 in time for the arrival of the world’s biggest culture and trading event. Growth in visitation appears not to be affected by geopolitical events, according to Dubai Business Events Director Steen Jakobsen, who spoke recently at Convening Leaders in Vancouver.

Steen Jakobsen Dubai

Jakobsen’s convention bureau team is focusing on attracting events identified in the 2021 development plan for Dubai, with special attention paid to healthcare, technology, transport and logistics, and sustainable energy but of course the biggest transformational driver for Dubai is tourism itself.

Source: International Meetings Review



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