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Placidly sited in the south-eastern Slovenia, between the Ljubljana basin and the Sava river, Dolenjska has many surprising faces. The varied relief, numerous streams, karst features and biodiversity create its unforgettable dynamic.

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Destination Dolenjska, Bela krajina & Kočevko-ribniško – vibrant, green, sparkling, calm, sociable. Openly boastful and mysteriously sophisticated. A landscape of meadows and forests, pretty green rivers, a cradle of picturesque places and sincere, hospitable people.

We are an regional destination organizastion in one of 12 tourist regions in Slovenia. The Dolenjska region is perfect destination. It is the ideal place for relaxation and active vacation. The place for cultural and natural heritage enthusiasts, local cuisine and wines.

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Your guest can stay comfortable vineyard cottages, thermal spa or in a beautiful hotels offering wellness services. Different camping sites and glamping experiences by the river’s Kolpa and Krka are also available.

Through the local landscapes there extend boastful deep green forests, whose primeval remains and giant trees are absolutely breathtaking. The river valleys of sparkling beauties, the Krka, Mirna, Kolpa and Lahinja Rivers, which give a home to rare plant and animal species, invite visitors into their quiet retreats.

On the slopes of its hills ripen sun-kissed grapes, which, once they are in the wine cellars, grow into a veritable poetry whose verses run inwards. In the bosom of its deep springs bubble restorative and healing thermal waters.

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Card of different experiences


Destination Dolenjska, Bela Krajina and Kočevsko-Ribniško offers you plenty of different ways to spend your leisure time or holidays. Here live genuine people. Friendly, open and happy. They are rightfully proud of their achievements, creativity, as well as natural and cultural heritage, and they are always ready to share it with you.

To make your stay with us even more pleasant you are invited to visit a number of providers who have prepared for you a variety of benefits.

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You will receive your CARD OF DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES for FREE upon a least one overnight stay in our destination.

The benefits apply during the stay at the accommodation provider at the destination PLUS 30 days.

The benefits can be used by the card holder (holder of the reservation) and his family along up to 5 people.

The card must be validated by your accomodation provider (reception).

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Health and relaxation


Dolenjska offers many opportunities for relaxation and doing something for your health. The most influential provider of wellness services in the region is Terme Krka.

The principal activity of Terme Krka is medical rehabilitation. The company has facilities in Dolenjske and Šmarješke toplice and is the owner of the Otočec hotels with one of the most prominent castles in Slovenia and a fabulous golf course; they also own a business hotel Hotel Krka in Novo mesto. Their health centres maintain a high level of medical specialising in rehabilitating conditions following injuries and diseases affecting the locomotor system, cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease. The extensive experience and knowledge gained in this field has helped to improve the field of prevention and health promotion.

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Terme Dolenjske Toplice is one of the longest-established health spas in Europe. Besides having an established medical rehabilitation centre, this spa resort has excellent modern wellness programmes, which places it among the best-known wellness centres suitable for both the young and the old. At the end of 2009, the company opened a plastic and aesthetic surgery clinic as part of the Balnea wellness centre. The clinic offers minimally invasive methods of rejuvenation that lead to a more youthful and attractive appearance in a quick and effective manner.

Terme Šmarješke Toplice, which is located in a completely natural environment, outside the residential area, is well-known for its rehabilitation necessary after infarctions and cardiovascular procedures. They also treat sport-related injuries and provide a full range of medical services for professional and recreational athletes who wish to improve their fitness levels. Their Vitarium Spa&Clinique wellness centre is known for health programmes dedicated to preventing diseases and problems related to the modern lifestyle (slimming, detoxification through fasting, body care, etc.).

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Active vacation

Dolenjska is practically made for various forms of outdoor recreation, since it is less congested and has just the right dynamic for cycling. Because it is so soothingly forested, is ideal for hiking. Krka, Kolpa and other rivers and lakes provide swimming in natural pools, trips with kayaks, canoes, and rafting , as well as create idyllic natural beaches. Not only the experienced, but also amateur fishermen agree that the rivers and waters of Dolenjska are a picturesque and inexhaustible place for relaxation. Dolenjska has only one golf course, but it is a superior one, both in terms of its tidiness as well as placement into the quiet woods and waters. Silence and vastness offer refuge to the game.


To encounter a bear in Dolenjska is an everyday experience for the locals, but a different experience for guests. Since the whole Dolenjska is a green oasis, different forms of education should not be a surprise. Spiritual fitness in the woods, next to waters.


Twenty hiking trails measuring a total length of 982 km run from the woodenware crafts region via the Kočevje forests to the southernmost areas of Slovenia along the Kolpa river, from Bela krajina through Gorjanci along the trails of the white monks and the pilgrimage trails to Suha krajina and the tufa thresholds on the Krka river.

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Cycling trails measure a total length of 540 km. They take you through the long hidden world of Loški potok, ascending through the extensive forests of Kočevski Rog to the Mirna gora mountain, where you can wet your feet in the thermal springs and enjoy the panorama of Čatež. You can regain your energy along the energy points of the Kolpa River and turn south along the Baraga trail to the Krka river.


Horse riding trails measuring a total length of more than 412 km. Riders will visit the Kočevje region on horseback, descending to Kostel Castle. After riding the hillside slopes of Bela krajina, they will ascend to the peaks of the Gorjanci hills. Afterwards they will ride across meadows and descend to Pletarje and the thermal springs, peek into the mysterious Radulja valley and ride past the “Sleeping beauty”, riding alongside the Mirna river to Suha krajina and the Krka river valley.

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The water trails with a total length of 167 km are located on two rivers: the Kolpa river from Fara to Božakovo and the Krka river. There are numerous entry/exit points available, boat rentals and tours.


Heritage trails

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The heritage trails project is the result of the cooperation between Slovenian and foreign experts (Ecotourism Ltd. Great Britain, ECOVAST Europe).

Our natural and cultural heritage comprises an exceptional cultural landscape, archaeological sites, traditional architecture, cottage industry activities and cultural events. An international team of experts decided on 36 points of interest in Dolenjska and Bela krajina that were included in the programme of cultural and natural heritage, which can be explored during a quick stay or a longer vacation in Dolenjska.

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If you intend to spend at least a few nights in the region, you can choose from a variety of accommodations including thermal spas, hotels, private accommodation, boarding houses, tourist farms, vineyard cottages, etc. Everyone can have an enjoyable stay – from individual travellers or families to school groups and adult groups.

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