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January 18-19, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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A true experience with an emphasized heightening of all of the senses awaits you at Conventa. Our wish is for you to create your own holistic sensuous experience that will fix in your memory and carry positive feelings with you when you return back home. Our approach is based on a unique formula for the synergy of an experience that we simply call the Conventa Experience.

In 2017 we want you to create your own personal experience through the six senses, an experience so good that we will look forward to seeing you in Ljubljana:

Sound, Tast, Smell, Touch, Sight, Fee.


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Why Conventa

Best value for time and money



1.- Saving time and money

In only two days you have a chance to meet around 170 international and more than 100 regional and Slovene buyers, all in one place. What will impress your financial department most is that at Conventa you pay for a lead only one-tenth of the price you pay at other trade shows.


2.- Meeting cherry-picked buyers

Around 90 % of meeting planners are new to the show each year and they all have to meet the strict organizer’s criteria in order to gain the hosted buyer status.


3.- Networking every step of the way

Conventa is the only trade show that organizes joint social events making sure exhibitors and hosted buyers can continue networking even after the trade show hours.

4.- Marketing through Conventa channels

Conventa continuously communicates with more than 50.000 meeting professionals. Promoting exhibitors and your stories is what we do successfully 365-days a year.


5.- Gaining new knowledge

It has always been important to offer free of charge professional educations to you as a part of Conventa experience and on the other hand also give you a chance to educate others about what you do best during the show at our Experts’ corner.


Hosted Buyers


1.- Discovering new destinations

Conventa opens your meetings horizons. The trade show introduces you to around 15 different New European destinations, 140 meeting providers and offers a personal experience of one destination of your choice at fam trip.

2.- All expenses covered

Hosted buyer programme includes a complimentary economy return air ticket from selected destinations, local transfers, accommodation, meals, evening receptions and fam trip.



3.- Personal itinerary of appointments

You get access to the online hosted buyer zone where you can schedule one-to-one appointments with the exhibiting companies of your interest.

4.- VIP treatment

You will feel like Royals with a 24/7 support of Conventa team, enjoying great hospitality and positive energy in a relaxed atmosphere all packed in a one-of-a-kind Conventa experience.

5.- Gaining new knowledge

Conventa offers several educational modules discussing relevant topics, following trends and answering burning questions. All free of charge and led by the best meetings industry professionals!


Ljubljana, a Champion in Sustainable Tourism, Welcomes the Conventa Show 2017!


A very special year, when Ljubljana bore the prestigious title of the European Green Capital 2016, awarded to the city by European Commission for having made the largest number of sustainable changes in the shortest period of time, has just come to an end. Yet, this year has left a legacy for the future and also enhanced the existing awareness on the importance of sustainable tourism, whose aim is to reduce its adverse impacts on the local environment and population,

Yet, this year has left a legacy for the future and also enhanced the existing awareness on the importance of sustainable tourism, whose aim is to reduce its adverse impacts on the local environment and population, and to ensure that the development leaves a positive mark on the city.

In the last decade Ljubljana has closed the city centre for traffic, introduced a complimentary public transport option – an electric-powered vehicle named Kavalir (Gentle Helper) and has increased the number of city buses running on methane, which has visibly contributed to reducing CO2 emissions.

In the recent years Ljubljana has received numerous other awards and titles as a result of its green heartbeat and development. In September 2016 it was featured for the second time among the  Top 100 sustainable destinations in the world, which was announced at the Global Green Destinations Day international conference in Ljubljana. In June 2016 the World Association of Journalists and Travel Writers FIJET awarded Ljubljana with the “tourism Oscar” title – the Golden Apple Award for outstanding achievements in the development of tourism, preservation of cultural, natural and historical heritage, its inclusion in the tourist offer and outstanding examples in introducing the principles of sustainable development in tourism. In May 2016 Ljubljana was honoured by the European Commission in the category »Environment and accessibility as a basis for sustainable and responsible development, with an emphasis on accessibility for people with disabilities«.

Photo: Forget Someday

Additionally, Ljubljana won the Tourism for Tomorrow Destination Award for 2015 conferred by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), which pointed out that in recent years the city has been completely redesigned with sustainability in mind. This recognition is regarded to be the highest accolade for sustainability within the global travel and tourism industry.

With its sustainable agenda, Ljubljana is not only concerned with the welfare of the local population but also attracts more and more foreign visitors, the number of which has doubled over the past 10 years. Some of the sustainable practices that contributed to the mentioned recent successes will be also presented to a group of Conventa hosted buyers attending the Ljubljana fam trip prior to the show.


The programme will pinpoint the many qualities of the Slovenian capital for meetings & incentives in just more than one day. It will showcase the destination in a different, experiential and fun way, combined with professional knowledge. Some time will also be dedicated to tasting the enticing local cuisine and the surprising Slovenian wines, even in a more “hands on” way.  As Ljubljana is a true walking city, hopefully some crisp & sunny winter weather will serve as a backdrop to making its discovery a most enjoyable experience!



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