Chef for a day at Sandro’s


A New Rome-Based Cooking Format Show by the Platinum Services Rome.– The Platinum Services, a Rome-based event agency and DMC specializing in first class events in Italy, Europe and other selected areas, offers a new exciting format for show cooking and master classes of Italian food, so valuable and sought-after for team-building activities. The name of the format is Chef for a day at Sandro’s and it takes place in San Lorenzo, one of the most fascinating ancient districts of Rome.

Chef for a day at Sandro’s The chef, whose name is Sandro, knows several other chefs and many people with kitchen hobbies who stay at his disposal to teach small group of persons, once agreed a menu, how to buy the necessary ingredients, how to cook them and how to taste and assess the final outcome under the guidance of the chef himself. The format runs as follows:

  • the chef meets a number of people compatible with the capacity of his personal professional (or semi-professional) kitchen, located at his home or workplace, if available, to prepare and cook the previously agreed menu;
  • he takes them with him to the nearby shops to buy the necessary ingredients for a first course, a second course, and a dessert – typically the list includes pasta all’amatriciana (the characteristic sauce with pork, Pecorino cheese and peeled tomatoes), saltimbocca alla romana (very flavoured veal chops) with vegetables, tart with homemade jam;
  • he takes them back to his home or workplace, where he starts preparing the preagreed courses with their due collaboration, explaining them why-he-does-what and deepening the general rules of cooking; this part of the program lasts about three hours;
  • finally, he hosts a lunch with the whole of the group, at home as well; during the lunch he comments the tastes according to both the ingredients and the cooking processes. The whole of the thing starts at about 10.00 am and lasts through 5.30 pm.

A statement by Loredana Chiappini, owner of The Platinum Services «This is neither an ordinary team-building activity nor a show cooking like any other. It is a stimulating deepening of Italian culture, a unique opportunity to interact with a true professional chef and, last but not least, an extraordinary way to enjoy Rome and its specialties».

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