“Charme&Adventure” to Bring Unique Entertainment-and-Television Experience


To the MICE Industry

Antarctic explorer and global documentary-maker launches event business with cinema-class location and video-capture experience

Milan, Italy.– Roberto Cèpparo, son of the celebrated Italian explorer, writer and entrepreneur Renato Cèpparo, with Emanuele, Renato’s grandson, has launched “Charme&Adventure” – a new and unique service targeted on the MICE industry offering entertainment and cinema-class film production to corporate events. The company is Roberto’s second venture in media, following his creation of Cinehollywood, a multimedia publisher with brands including National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel and BBC World.

The capture of corporate events has grown steadily in popularity in the last two decades for distributing messages to wider audiences and getting the maximum value from executive presentations. The phenomenon of shared media such as TED talks has raised the bar for the quality of recorded presentations. However, similar rises in the quality of affordable recording equipment have not answered the need for the expertise in film-making skills which make corporate films influential and effective. Charme&Adventure fills this gap.

Thanks also to its main strength: the storytelling proficiency of Cinehollywood’s authors.

In addition to film production values, Charme&Adventure is much more… As a Tour & Event Designer it offers some of Italy’s most spectacular locations as event venues, creating both an event and a recorded experience that are unique and of great on-going value. Roberto and his sons Emanuele, Andrea and Luca, share a passion for Italy’s outstanding human heritage, which has still much to unveil. Assisted by a team of highly competent film professionals, they offer a uniquely cultural travel experience to both individuals and companies. They have access to truly unbeaten locations.


A statement by Roberto Cèpparo

«Our highly qualitative approach stems from a basis of curiosity and creativity, along with great organizational skills. My father’s passion and exceptional vitality inspires us and has given us love for the world, for nature and of course for our country. Today, thanks to the long collaboration with the best documentary television channels in the world, we can offer MICE clients, among the many exclusive experiences, something really unique: a movie that documents the event on the same style of a great television production, bolstering and reproducing its atmosphere and emotions. We could say that our events never end – and after all, what is an event other than a motivating emotion? With our services and productions not only do emotions last forever, but also they become enhanced as time goes by. It is our mission to make our guests live unique and unforgettable experiences».


About Renato and Roberto Cepparo

Renato Cèpparo is a celebrated entrepreneur, writer, explorer and, above all, passionate producer and film-maker. He has produced and directed of television programmes dedicated to Italian cultural traditions since 1960.

In 1972 he conceived and organized Stramilano, a famous city marathon that has run every year in the spring since then. In 1975 he organized and financed the first Italian expedition to Antarctica, building the first permanent Italian base on the White Continent. Upon his return, Renato organized major cross-country racing competitions in Northern Europe, such as the Norway-Sweden Raid.

From this passion for travel and documentation, in 1985 his son Roberto had the idea of creating a multimedia-publishing house, Cinehollywood. Chosen by National Geographic in 2003 as the exclusive representative in Italy in home entertainment, this publishing house still collaborates with National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel, BBC World, and numerous other channels.




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