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Sarawak truly is where “business meets adventure’ for business events”


Las Vegas.- The show-stopping city of Las Vegas provided the stage to draw the final curtain on the exciting global tour that brought the “7 Wonders of Borneo” to the world, as Sarawak Convention Bureau concluded its 2016 world roadshow to promote ICCA Congress 2016, at IMEX America in Las Vegas, which was 18th-20th October 2016.


Malasia: Orangután en Sabah

Photo by: Bacara Viajes


At IMEX America, the magical “7 Wonders of Borneo” campaign – which was launched in April 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany – raised Sarawak’s profile within the US Business Events (BE) market by exposing a  glimpse of the best of Borneo island through its gateway of Sarawak – Malaysia’s largest State – in a spectacular 7-series feature of:

  • The Orangutan – the great apes known as the largest tree-dwelling mammals in the world
  • Indigenous tribes – the 27 ethnic groups whose ancient traditions will enthrall you
  • Mount Mulu Heritage – home to magnificent caves, peaks and breathtaking geo-diversity
  • Rajah Brooke butterfly – the stunning butterfly that was named for the White Rajah dynasty
  • Sarawak’s colonial history – a romantic tale of swashbuckling pirates and English rulers
  • The Rafflesia – known as the “world’s largest bloom” which can reach a diameter in width
  • The carnivorous Nepenthes – also known as the pitcher plant with more than 30 subspecies



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“Sarawak has more to offer than meets the eye – beyond pristine jungles, elements of adventure, and the orangutan, sits a strong foundation that helps businesses to thrive and expand. The 55th ICCA Congress 2016 will set the stage to show the world that Sarawak truly is where ‘business meets adventure’ for business events,” said Mike Cannon, Managing Director of SCB.

“Strategic marketing of the 7WOB – alongside other natural and cultural ‘wonders’ – has lead to more Business Events. To cite an example, Sarawak’s wealth of marine biology resources was a major factor that clinched the International Marine Conservation Congress 2018 early this year,” said Amelia Roziman, General Manager of Marketing and Sales for SCB.



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To educate potential buyers about the 7WOB and Sarawak – which is predicted to become the Asia Pacific’s next leading 2nd tier BE destination – SCB also hosted a successful breakfast party and an Entertainment Evening, after the IMEX America event.

Love That Destination Research Inc., Oscar Choo (CPH Travel), Frederick Ho (Techno Expo), and Rosemarie Wong (The Ranee), collaborated with SCB to promote Sarawak and the 55th ICCA Congress 2016.

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