Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & Spa Wins Le Fonti Award


As Excellence of the Year in Innovation and Communication

Anna Ramazzotti e Matteo Calcabrini/Photo by: Nick Zonna

For the first time the prestigious award goes to a hotel that has been in business for just one year.

Milan.– Great news for the hotel industry: Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & Spa (Castel Giorgio–Umbria, Italy), a gem of tradition and modernity built up with innovative materials, won the prestigious Le Fonti Award as Excellence of the Year–Innovation & Communication / Smart Hotel with the following motivation: For brilliantly combining modernity and tradition as well as contributing to revolutionize the hospitality segment by perfectly balancing the legacy of an ancient Umbrian village with the use of innovative and eco-sustainable materials and the comfort guaranteed by new technologies.

Le Fonti Awards

They are by far among the main international awards for law firms and businesses. Every year they are presented in Milan, Mumbai, Singapore, London, Hong Kong and Dubai, thus creating a network of world excellences and giving maximum visibility to the winners.

The Italian edition has a Scientific Committee composed of experts in the academic, financial, entrepreneurial and legal fields. It provides a unique contribution both as a jury in the selection of the finalists and in the choice of the winners. To identify the excellences of Le Fonti Awards, returns, operations and other suitable facts for a period of 12 months are taken into consideration. This makes the performance of Borgo La Chiaracia even more significant, sort of a world record, having the resort been judged worthy to stand alongside celebrated entrepreneurs, global finance and communications giants in just one year of life.

The members of the Scientific Committee are: Alberto Banfi, Professor of Economics of Financial Intermediaries, Catholic University of Milan; Ruggero Bertelli, Associate Professor of Economics of Financial Intermediaries, University of Siena; Stefano Brogelli, Director of Legal Affairs & Compliance, Axpo Italia; Antonio Corda, Director of Legal Affairs, Vodafone Italia; Claudio Criscuolo, Group General Counsel, Cementir Holding;

Roberto Giancarlo Daverio, President, ACMI (Italian Association of Credit Managers); Ugo Ettore Di Stefano, General counsel, Mondadori Group; Salvatore Lo Giudice, Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs, INWIT; Stefano Longhini, Director of Collective Entities Management, Copyright Protection and Litigation, Mediaset; Elisabetta Lunati, Head of Legal Management and Litigation, Intesa Sanpaolo; Diego Manzetti, General counsel Europa, Aig; Fabrizio Masinelli, President, AITI (Italian Association of Business Treasurers); Alberto Mattiello, Professor of Marketing, Bocconi University of Milan; Mario Noera, Professor of Finance, Bocconi University of Milan; Bepi Pezzulli, Chairman, Select Milano; Claudia Ricchetti, Legal and Corporate Director, Anas; Roberta Roccanova, Director of Legal Affairs, Qvc Italy; Valerie Ruotolo, Director of Legal Affairs, HP Italy; Umberto Simonelli, Chief Legal & Corporate Affairs Officer, Brembo; Alberto Tron, Professor of Corporate Review at the University of Pisa and Corporate Finance at the Bocconi University in Milan.

Borgo La Chiaracia Resort & Spa

The architectural design of Borgo La Chiaracia, which is so impressing, embodies a contemporary vision of the ancient Umbrian farmhouses for a top-quality tourism product, where a past rich in history and a highly technological present coexist, together with a gourmet restaurant and a wellness area that, as a whole, create a truly unique experience.

Its 26 rooms, enriched with selected furnishings, are the perfect reflection of the shapes and colours of the surrounding countryside. The Livinna SPA is an oasis of serenity whose physical and spiritual elements blend in harmony, a space dedicated to well-being in its true sense. Radici Restaurant, Hat of the Guide de L’Espresso 2018, is a fundamental part of the hotel, a place where hospitality, taste, experience, research, sharing and well-being intertwine just like the roots of a tree, thus giving life to the pleasure of banqueting.

The meeting area is the technological heart of Borgo La Chiaracia, thanks to broadband connectivity satisfying even the most demanding customers with innovative video conferencing and high definition audio and video communication solutions.

Statement of Anna Ramazzotti, Managing Director of VRM Italia (owner company of Borgo La Chiaracia)

«We are honoured and excited by this incredible recognition that in just one year goes sealing our business and adds value to the work of a wonderful team. With Borgo La Chiaracia we have tried to interpret the atmospheres, the colours, the flavours and the aromas of one of the most evocative lands in Europe, and our transversal clientele, coming from the five continents, certifies the success of this project. Now we got this consecration from the scientific, financial and entrepreneurial world, encouraging us to do better and better, to insist on the path we have taken and above all on the element that more than any other has enhanced such a great outcome: the heart».

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