Autumn Scenery Of Hajungdo Island With Cosmos Flowers


In Daegu, South Korea


These days, you can see the clear blue autumn sky with cosmos in full bloom at Hajungdo island of Daegu, Korea.


You can reach Hajungdo by riding bus ‘Bukgu3’ then getting off at ‘Nogok Bridge 1’ station or Nogok-dong station. When you reach Hajungdo where you can feel the gentle autumn breeze, you would be able to see a wonderful scenery covered with cosmos. Walk on the pathways between the cosmoses and take a wonderful photo.


Daegu monorail line 3 passes behind the cosmoses


In the Hajungdo island, there is a tunnel between the pink cosmoses with gourds hanging on it. And when you pass through this tunnel and walk a bit more, you’ll be able to see cosmoses in orange. It has a different charm from the pink cosmoses.




As Korea’s autumn is perfect for travelling, we recommend the Hajungdo island of Daegu where you will be able to walk between the fragrant cosmos flowers, for your autumn trip.


▶ Getting to Hajungdo island?

  • Public transportation: Take a bus 101, 708, 칠곡2(Chilgok2) or 북구3(Bukgu3) and get off at Nogok-dong.
  • Address: 1477-2, Nogok-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea

Source: Daegu Travel Newsletter



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