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Taking place at Lyrath Estate Hotel in beautiful Kilkenny, the 4th Annual AIPCO Business and Tourism conference theme is 10 Ways to Nail Your Sale and plenary sessions and workshops have just been announced.

Plenary sessions

Plenary sessions will focus on three themes including “Focus on Me, Focus on my Network and Focus on My Digital Network” and will be led by industry leaders Maureen Gaffney, Jonathan Bradshaw and Gerrit Heijkoop.

Focus on me

How to flourish in an uncertain marketplace”

Maureen Gaffney, clinical psychologist, columnist and author of the bestselling book Flourishing, will provide recommendations on how we can all overcome adversity in order to maximise our potential. Maureen believes that in an increasingly uncertain world, it is not only possible for us to flourish, but essential that we take the steps in order to do so. Her session will provide reasons why adversity can be used as a turning point, enabling a positive change in our lives.

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Focus on my network

“How to nail your sale by connecting, interacting and communicating more effectively”

Jonathan Bradshaw, CEO of Meetology® Lab, is a researcher, speaker and author who details the fascinating psychology of how we connect, interact and communicate with others. He will focus on the importance of face to face connections – and how they enable success both professionally and personally.


Focus on my digital network

“How to grow and use your digital network, create killer content and nail your sale”

Gerrit Heijkoop, AKA Mr. Red Sneakers, is an online host and Social Media expert; although he believes that social media is not necessarily a marketing tool. In his interactive session, Gerrit will explain how to create amazing content by way of utilising people in your own networks that ultimately, will help to nail your next sale.

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The first AIPCO workshop will be entitled FOCUS ON ME “How to create your personal brand”. This workshop will be interactive and lead by industry meeting icons including Nicola McGrane (Managing Director, Conference Partners) and Patrick Delaney (Managing Partner, SoolNua) who will provide ways that will help create your personal brand.

Jonathan Bradshaw’s workshop, FOCUS ON MY NETWORK “Connect | Interact | Communicate – pillars for effective network building” will give you the opportunity to put into action all the useful tips from his plenary session which will help to build, maintain and nurture your network.

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Gerrit Heijkoop’s workshop FOCUS ON MY DIGITAL NETWORK “Be relevant and prosper on-line” will be practical and highly interactive. After attending this workshop, you will be able to put into practise his highly effective 5 L’s of successful content creation.

This year’s AIPCO Conference is brought to you by the Association of Irish Professional Conference Organisers and is a must-attend event for anyone involved in Business and Tourism in Ireland. Drawing on the expertise of leading industry figures, this year AIPCO will delve into ten steps which will help you smash your 2016 sales targets.

We look forward to welcoming you to Kilkenny in April, 2016!

Finally, and not to be forgotten, we hope that you have a very Happy and Safe St. Patrick’s Day this Thursday!

Naomh sásta lá Pádraig! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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