A ‘Tanah Tumpah darahku’ delight for his Majesty


Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre presents intricate creation to DYMM the Agong

Cake to His Majesty

Yang Di­Pertuan AgongTuanku Abdul HalimMu’adzam Shah and RajaPermaisuri AgongSultanahHaminah admiring the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre’sintricately handcrafted ‘Tanah TumpahDarahku’ cake during the cake presentation at Istana Negara, held in conjunction with His Majesty’s official birthday celebration on 6 June 2015. Looking on are the Centre’s General Manager,Alan Pryor (right) and Executive Pastry Chef,Jamaluddin bin Zainal Abidin.

Kuala Lumpur.- At 4ft(h) by 4ft(w) and weighing 40kg, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre’s (the Centre) ‘Tanah TumpahDarahku’features the Coat of Arms of Malaysia’s 14 states and territories, intricate handcrafted domesand individually-carved sugar motifs of Indian drums, ‘wau’ (kites), lanterns and shields to denote a multicultural society…a truly majestic sweet confection befitting the celebration of His Majesty, Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah.

Enthused Executive Pastry Chef,Jamaluddin Zainal Abidin, “creating a cake for His Majesty is always a privilege, and a challenge to my team and me to try and outdo our previous years’ efforts.”

Made up of four separate compartments of black forest (chocolate and cherries) mini-cakes,black forest crinkle cookies, black forest cupcakes and black forest pralines, all sprinkled with edible gold dust, Jamaluddin shared the ‘black forest’ delight was two months in the making and took two weeks to assemble.

“We pride ourselves on our innovative culinary creations so we always start brainstorming concepts and themes well in advance of the occasion, to ensure the delivery of a cake that is unique, delicious and most important of all, fit for a king.”

Joining Jamaluddin at the cake presentation ceremony held at Istana Negara in conjunction with His Majesty’s official birthday celebration on 6 June were the Centre’s General Manager, Alan Pryor; Director of Human Resource, Rohizat Baharum; Executive Sous Chef, Hisham Jaafar; and Communications Manager, Kuzaimah Idris.



‘Tanah TumpahDarahku’ translated directly means ‘My Native Land’ and is taken from Malaysia’s national anthem, Negaraku. The specific line expresses Malaysians’ strong patriotism and pride in their country, and summarises the Negaraku’s aim of encouraging the peoples of Malaysia, who represent different ethnicities, creeds and cultures, to live in unity and harmony, in the pursuit of progress.



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