A great incentive experience through Iran


By “Inspire me Monte Carl” 

In cooperation with C–Iran

Iran-ser aladoSpecial, authentic travel experiences in one of the most extraordinary Countries in the world, emerging both as a business and as an incentive destination.

Monte Carlo (Principality of Monaco).– The boutique agency InspireME Monte Carlo, specialized in high end experiential individual travel experiences, offers – in cooperation with the Iran specialist C-Iran – an ultimate journey through Iran. Unique, authentic travels through Old Persia and modern Iran.

The guests will travel by bus and/or plane from one cultural highlight to another, from one UNESCO World Heritage site to another, from one amazing city to another. Through well-marked hiking trails in various natural areas, they will visit typical Iranian villages, nomad areas and more. Naturally there will be many opportunities to communicate with the local population.


The programs and their novelty in the incentive industry

 Programs are tailored among several experiences on offer. They shift from focus on ‘culture and cities’ (Tehran, Zoroastrians’ temples, visit to Persepolis with opencamping nights, Isfahan…) to a focus on walks in nomadic land and mountain hikes (hiking trails, mountain villages, valleys along Caspian Sea, wonderful walks with panoramic views and vistas).

All the trips include both cultural and natural aspects, and all programs are tailored according to special interests. These trips provide excellent way to discover pure, untouched places – normally out of the classic incentive routes – among the most hospitable people of the world, tasteful food, rich poetry and spiritual experiences.

To be emphasized that exclusive private meetings with celebrities from the scientific and/or artistic world of Iran are available.

Iran-columnas y esfera

And what’s more – the best things you can get in Iran are those you ask for with a short notice. Iranian people give their best when you surprise them, when you overwhelm them with a request. Which perfectly matches the exigencies and the timelines of most of the European companies.

Hence you get some true gems such as a dinner inside a Unesco building, in a two thousand year old Armenian church, in the middle of the desert near Kerman, in a Prince garden as well as within a vast sandy desert with return trip by camels in the moonlight.

Incentives by InspireME Monte Carlo C-Iran are recommended for small groups, even if, upon request, big groups solutions are available as well.




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