2nd annual Brussels Cafe-Theatre Festival:


«Brussels on Stage» runs all through November with 16 participating locations


In early November 2016 the French Community Commission (COCOF) unveiled a new event for the public: the first cafe-theatre festival in Brussels. Dubbed «Brussels on Stage,» this festival highlighted a local culture which really brings the region’s centre and neighbourhoods to life.

In 2016, 15 cafe-theatres offered four days of shows. This year the selection has been improved and enriched as the festival will run from 1st through 26 November and 16 cafetheatres will participate. The concept is exactly the same as last year: the sites will offer their usual line-up which has been in beefed up for the occasion in order to win over new audiences with a good variety of shows combining music, humour, theatre, and poetry with drinks or dinner.

And it can’t be a festival without a discount pass: visit.brussels and the COCOF have joined forces to offer audiences a pass competitively priced at € 20. Passholders (available for purchase at www.bruxellessurscenes.be or at participating locations) will be able to see 16 shows (one at each participating cafe-theatre). It’s an original and inexpensive way to get off the beaten path and unearth these often misunderstood pearls of Brussels culture.

«It is vital to restore the cafe-theatre genre to its former glory. Each cafe-theatre is different, no two are alike in the Brussels region. So, in my view, it’s critical that we respect each venue’s way of doing things, especially by preserving their complete control over their programming.

On the other hand, it makes sense to bolster their operating budgets and offer a window into these different places that forge the soul and cultural identity of Brussels,» Fadila Laanan, Minister-President of the Brussels Francophone Government.

Curious, tempted, interested? Well, get out and discover the cultural life blossoming in Brussels’ neighbourhoods. Get ready for excitement and welcome to «Brussels on Stage»

Additional information available at: www.bruxellessurscenes.be

Dates: From 1st through 26 November 2017

Participating cafe-theatres: Atelier Marcel Hastir, Café de la Rue, Côté Village, Jazz Station, Le Fou Rire, Le Jardin de ma Sœur, Le Koek’s, Les Lundis d’Hortense, L’Os à Moelle, Le Petit Chapeau Rond Rouge, Le Rayon Vert, La Samaritaine, La Soupape, Music Village, Sazz’N Jazz, and ZOArt


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