13th International Congress of NeuroImmunology


At International Congress Center in Jerusalem


Stine Overdal, Senior Project Manager EEM; V.wee yong, ISNI President; ICC JERUSALEM CEO, Mira Altman; and Stefano Eletti, CEO EEM Business Events.  

About 500 doctors and researchers were hosted this week on the 13th International Congress of NeuroImmunology at International Congress Center – ICC Jerusalem.

The congress lasted four days and dealt with innovations, aspects of the interaction between the immune system and the nervous system in health and in disease.

The participants took part in discussions on such an important issues as: the present and the future of stem cells in treating neurological diseases, immune system effects on aging brain and neurodegenerative diseases, inflammatory diseases of the nervous system in children and more.

During the conference a festive event was held, which emphasized the contributions of Prof. Michael Sela, Prof. Ruth Arnon and Prof. Oded Abramsky in development of innovative treatments on multiple sclerosis such as «Copaxone «.





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